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Already 21 NNY Review

Already 21 NNY Review

Communication: [10/10]

Already21 has wonderful CS, when I had to contact him about my signature looking messed up he was very quick in his response (a few hours) and gave informative responses.

Cost: [9/10]

I got my ID for free, however you can get it on sale right now for $100 [https://already21.com/product/new-york-id/]. The normal price is $120 which is pretty steep considering the template has some flaws and the quality control is a bit worrisome (one of my ID’s came with a smudged off signature).

Shipping: [10/10]

Got here in around 2 weeks which is not bad at all, way better than others ;).

Stealth: [NA/10]

A21 is a domestic vendor so this not applicable. However, it would not get by your parents.

Template: [7/10]



  • The template is good for a V1, with some more color matching and a few minor template changes this could be a killer ID.


  • The template needs to be color matched more
  • The top left statue of liberty needs to be more blue than gray.
  • The New York Seal needs to be color matched, the yellow is too bright with the rest of the colors being extremely faint.
  • The swirly text needs to be faint over the window.
  • The swirly lines around the picture are too dark, they need to be more faint.
  • The raised text is not raised enough. Mine also looks a bit smudged when looked at with light.
  • The raised text would be what worries me as a potential buyer. One of my ID’s came with part of the signature smudged off, this leads me to believe that the raised text can be easily worn off.
  • The Executive Deputy signature should be moved a smidgen to the right.



  • Nearly spot on template wise on the back.
  • The rough patch came out really nicely.


  • The text on the back needs to be a little bit thinner.
  • The anatomical gift and address change text needs to be a bit more faint.
  • The top of the American Flag needs to be more faint. You should barely be able to see it.

Photoshop: [10/10]

The ear shadows came out perfectly in my opinion. 10/10

UV: [NA/10]

Do not have a UV light so i can not comment on this section.

Scanning: [10/10]

Of course it scans you nubs.

Signature: [8/10]

The signature came out the same as what I sent in. However it needs to be more raised, its barely raised at all. Also, it is worth noting that one of my signatures came partially smudged off. Would show it but OPSEX 🙁

Conclusion: [7/10]

In conclusion, this is a good V1 ID from already21. With some color matching and a few minor template changes this can become a great NNY ID. One thing that needs to be worked on ASAP is the quality control because it seems like everyones ID came with at least one of the ID’s messed up. Hopefully the constructive criticism will help create a killer V2. This was a fun review to do. I want to thank A21 for doing the giveaway.


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