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Already21 Alberta REVIEW

Already21 Alberta REVIEW

This will be my first review of the 3 IDS that were ordered(AB,SC,PA) and this is the only one that had a error. An error that I caused. BTW let me say ALREADY21 YOU SAVED MY LIFE … I had been scammed prior and he came through when I needed him

Communication: 10/10 Every question I had for Already21 team answer quick and with precision.

Pricing: 10/10 Pricing was amazing I mean 90$ with a dupe who can complain, and I got it within 3 days…

Stealth: 10/10 True Canadian Packaging 😉

Shipping Speed:10/10 I mean 3 DAYS ARE YOU SERIOUS

Photo Shop: 8/10 The back of the template seems off for some reason it just looks stretched and the backing is very blurry in that way. It is an ID that would pass out of province consistently.

Scanning: The issues from past AB is fixed and for that I am quite happy. No more standard name issue

Usability: Well here is the issue…. I put my real Birthday being a dumbass and all so I can’t really use it for much.. But I did get someone I know to run It through a box scanner and all was there even the UV was perfectly straight.

OVERALL: 9.5/10

Ordered at official shop: https://already21.com/product/alberta-id/


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