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Already21.com Ohio Review

Got myself an Ohio ID off of already21’s. I paid for one and a dupe for $100 overall (I heard they have a discount now). Their website is https://already21.com/product/ohio-id/

Customer Service/Communication [9/10] They communicated with me when I had sent out a email, but it took them a couple days to respond.

Shipping Speed [10/10] This was a real shocker to me, because my friend had purchased from here and it came in 2 weeks. When I ordered it came in a week exactly. Ordered on a Friday and came the next Friday. I didn’t even pay for rush. I was shocked to see it arrive when it did. They tell you when they ship it, and then give you a tracking number to track it. OMG.

Stealth [10/10] Took me a bit to find it in the package they sent me. Very simple idea but effective. Got through everything just fine and wasn’t worried it would be taken.

Quality [7.5/10] The first time I pulled out this id I thought it looked great to me. It looks like some time was spent making this id and template. They holos are very noticeable, and don’t seem to be missing any that I can tell. However, their placement is a little off so some cover areas that shouldn’t be. There are some flaws with the coloring being off. Sometimes it looks a little too red. The font seems to be a little bit to bold but not too bad. Seems a little too thin, but don’t know if that’s how it’s supposed to be. The Photoshop seems to be done well, especially with the ghost picture. The visuals are believable to pass to out of state I believe. It’s no ted but it looks pretty good.

Scanning/Usability [10/10] I know people have been saying on here that already21 hasn’t been scanning well. That worried me a bit when I found that out. This one does scan on all apps that I put it through, and it scans at the store.

Overall [8.5/10] I believe that Already21 has a pretty good Ohio id here. It has its flaws, but it has very good attributes to it. With some time more spent on the small problems I believe they could have an almost flawless id here. If you are like me who lives in the Midwest and doesn’t want to use an Illinois, I highly recommend this.

Please feel free to let me know about what you think.

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