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The 21 anniversary is a date that a lot of minors look forward. The full age allows juveniles to get in nightlife. It seems quite unfair that freshmen should wait for some years for going out and visiting clubs, bars and other ‘only for adults’ places. Don’t worry, there is a great way out – a Fake ID card! Nowadays there are many opportunities to buy a fake id online. A lot of services produce fake documents so the choice is so difficult. In addition, there are a lot of scam companies that pretend to be real. You should be careful and follow our reviews. We go on the Internet and look for the websites that offer cards. Today we are going to discuss https://already21.com/ that is popular throughout the darknet. Probably, you have already heard of it before.

The web service offers the scannable Fake IDs. The choice of cards is huge. The line of the U.S. Fake IDs includes CA, FL, CT, IL, IN, GA, OH, MS, NY, MI Fake IDs. You can pick any state where your card will be from. Don’t choose a card of the state where you live. There is also a line of the Canada Fake cards of Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Quebec. The European list of cards consists of the national identity card of Germany, Ireland, Old Netherlands, Luxemburg, Italy, France. There is also the European driver’s license of UK, Norway and New Netherlands. Moreover, they offer 3 kinds of the Australia Fake ID of Western Australia state, New South Wales and of Victoria. So much choice! We didn’t meet so many options before.

The service describes itself as a provider of top-quality with a high level of security fake ids. They offer the discount program that involves ordering of more than 3 IDs. The delivery conditions promise to be quite good. This online store has no fee for shipping. The delivery usually takes 5-7 days. There is an Express option that delivers your new fake ID just within 2 days, but you need to pay more for that. The only acceptable way to pay is with Bitcoins. They explain it that this way provides complete anonymity and protection for both sides.

When we came on the website, we saw the colorful picture of the night party. It makes every minor be excited about future opening opportunities to have fun! So, scroll down to look at the store catalog. On the first page, there are all the kinds of fake ID cards that you are able to order. Also, the website has a small description of this company at the bottom of the homepage. There is the FAQ tab where you can read the most asked questions. You can also send them an email to support service if you have any questions. The Delivery tab explains the shipping details, and the Payment tab is all about how to pay. There are several tabs about the types of IDs where you can see what your future fake card will look like and what personal data it will contain. We liked the point that this web company doesn’t brag much. They just explain all the making processes of the cards and show the entire choice of ids on the website.

This store has been around for a year. The registration date of the domain was in September 2017. The registrant place is in Düsseldorf, Germany. People around the world can use the services of this company.

To be assured, we went for our own study on private forums where the real customers leave feedback. Actually the dissatisfied buyers like to write on forums and in the deep net. That is why we decided to check the reviews and try to find something negative about https://already21.com/ store. We were a little surprised that we couldn’t find any really bad comments. This online store turned out to be widely known throughout the darknet. All the reviews were highly positive and grateful. People really loved this website. There were only a few complaints about the 10-day delivery, but as you know, it’s not such a big time-out compared to other services that can delay delivery up to 2 months! We didn’t find any complaints about the quality of the cards. All the customers can use their id cards and get in nightlife easily. Girls thanked a lot and wished good luck to this web service. Boys said good feedback about high quality, short delivery deadline and fair price. Customers liked paying by BTC, they think it is a safe and quick method not as Western Union or other transfer services. This online store looks like a pretty decent place for ordering fake documents.

To sum up, we can conclude that we are satisfied enough with the result of our investigation. We conducted a study and found out that this website can provide minors with scannable and top-quality fake ID cards of any American, Canada, European or even Australian state at affordable prices. Don’t hesitate to choose this store. Wish you good luck!


  1. I had their Washington ID for 2 years and it worked great for me! It also scanned but the black light was poor

  2. I bought 1 ca id from this site. Amazing quality but very expensive.

  3. I’ve used A21 2 times in the past 3 years and both of the orders went fine. Yes, it takes a while, but I think they come out pretty decent. I’ve only been denied by one place in he past 3 years and I use my fake almost every week.

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