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Already21 IL Review!

Already21 IL Review!

I got this fake in his 50% off intro sale a few weeks ago and have used it a few times so i think its time for a review (not sure about discount for now, check it here for yourself https://already21.com/product/illinois-id/)

Communication: [10/10]

Not really needed until after my id was Recieved but he responded quickly to email.

Cost: [10/10]

50$ for any id is going to be a good price.

Shipping: [10/10]

Shipped within a few days and had it in a week.

Stealth: [10/10]

Actually pretty good. May or may not get past your parents depending on how inquisitive they are about your mail.

Template: [8/10]

I’m being generous and giving this an 8 because i live in socal so nobody is going to know what a real IL looks like. I’m young looking And don’t feel like this is good enough to use at a bar but it works flawlessly at gas stations And liquor stores. Definitely has some issues with the font and the ink is faded in some areas though but out is not noticeable. The holos are great but the uv is visible and looks like clear ink on the id. By far the worst part of the id is the signature as i didnt submit my own it is just a font. Not even in cursive. Despite that its still useable and somewhat decent.

Photoshop: [10/10]

Actually very good. Great ear shadows and appears real. Also impressed considering the picture i sent in was a selfie.

Scanning: [10/10]

Doesnt scan on bcs but has been scanned twice at gas stations and it went through.

Holos/OVI: [10/10]

Seems good but i do not have anything to compare it to.

UV: [6/10]

I dont have a uv light but i can see the ink on the id. I assume its decent though.

Signature: [1/10]

Its a fucking font. I know i should have submitted my own but i was feeling lazy and figured it would be at least cursive.

Conclusion: [8/10]

Passes at gas stations and liquor stores fine and is working well untill my better quality ids arrive.



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