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California New ID from IDGod

This quick review is for young people who are going to buy fake ID cards but they don’t know where to start. I’m going to present you my experience of getting California fake IDs step by step. So I ordered 4 California IDs. I paid for everything through Bitcoin as it is considered to be the safest way to protect my personal and financial information.


As for the terms of delivery, my fake IDs were delivered a few weeks later. After payment, they started manufacturing cards, which took a week. They then gave me a tracking number that opened me access to the shipping process. The following weeks my fake ID cards went from one post stop to another and were delivered to my door in about 3 weeks. It’s been a long process, but anyway, I finally got my California IDs. Overall, I would rate shipping with 9 out of 10 as the shipping was international and I didn’t use the priority option.


Next, I want to note that the package was well disguised. I think no one but me could understand what kind of package it would be. So I would give them other 10 out of 10 for their discreet delivery.


Also, I can say that they provide their customers with good support service since all the time they responded to my messages very quickly and they sent me a tracking number. So for the communication part I give them 10 out of 10.


It’s time to move on to the quality part. In my opinion, the cards are made very well. These California IDs are provided with a high level of quality. These are the best fake cards of my life. I mean, it’s very difficult to distinguish the original from this Califronia identifier. I can use it everywhere, but not in the state of California, of course, since it’s not safe to use local fake IDs. Security workers know very well how local IDs look. However, there is only one small inaccuracy, which is the lack of lamination on it. Real cards usually have lamination, but these fake cards do not have. Anyway, I think I can use it without this element. My grade is 8 out of 10.


As for scanning, I would say that all fake IDs are scanned without problems. I tried to scan them several times in different States and all the time it was successful. My grade is 10 out of 10.

What about holograms, they are clearly visible, so I would rate them as 10 out of 10.

It is also worth noting that the price was quite affordable, even cheap. Compared to the price I paid 2 years ago for a fake Colorado card.

To sum up, this California fake ID is good stuff. It looks like it was made by the hands of professionals, it is equipped with a perfect template, signature and photoshop elements. These fake IDs also have all the necessary security elements, that’s why I would rate this as 9 out of 10. Anyway, all young people who want to purchase fake cards should understand that the shipping process will take at least 2 weeks as the shipping is international. Also, you should never expect a fake ID to look exactly like a real one, as it is actually a fake ID. Well, I would recommend everyone to choose IDgod for fake ID cards.


Link: https://idgod.to/states/california-fake-id/

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  1. I ordered one ID card from them. I received a free duplicate of equal quality. The quality of these cards are outstanding. I ordered on
    The 1st of the month and received it on the 7st of the same month. They used express shipping USPS at no cost. My order was placed on the 1st of the month and shipped out the 7th. Arrived in California the 21st. No complaints here. I used Bitcoin (localbitcoins).

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