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Hello buddies! Today we go through the website club21ids.ph that offers to buy a fake ID. So, if you read this article, you probably are under 21. We can likely guess why you came here. To be minor, sometimes means being loser. All your friends are full ages, or they may already have fake IDs, but you don’t! Guys, who are over 21 or who have fake documents with 21-age, are allowed access to the greatest parties of the city, they are available to buy any alcohol everywhere. We have good news for you! Today we are going to consider one of the websites that offer to make a fake id for everyone. Follow this text to the end, and you will probably find out if it is a trustworthy service or not.

Well, let’s view what fake IDs this website offers. The slogan of the Club21IDs says that it is the best place to get a fake ID card. So, we will see if it is true. They claim that they produce only top-quality and most reliable Fake IDs and Novelty cards, they deliver their products faster than anyone else. They have a team of experts committed to provide only authentic Fake IDs who use top-notch production system for the making process. The cards are scannable and passed blacklight test, you will be totally safe with their security system that includes holograms, bar codes, magnetic stripe, and UV light design. They promise to send a fake card as soon as the customer pays for it. Moreover, this company has a rush delivery that arrives within 5 days. The regular shipment comes in 2 weeks. They provide customers with full support service by email. Everyone can send them an email in case he has a question or a problem. They give a promise to reply instantly.

Club21IDs offers a fake US driver’s license online from the following states: Illinois, Missouri, New Mexico, Ohio, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Florida, Washington, Indiana, Wyoming, Louisiana, Tennessee, Utah. Pick the state that is not your homeland, pick any neighboring or others. It can be dangerous to use local fake ID cards as night workers can usually identify fake ones easily. This company doesn’t produce national Identity Cards but only driver’s licenses. This fake document keeps you from the cumbersome process of preparation and passing the driving exams. There is a discount program that depends on the number: the more cards you take at a time – the cheaper price you pay for 1 card.

The homepage looks so flashy and catchy. The website meets us red-black aggressive design. There is a picture of ‘dancing people in the club’ on the background. They seem to wanna draw attention by reminding us what we can do with fake IDs. On the first page you can find some their description with mission and goals and 3 main advantages of them. If you need to learn more or make an order, you have to go deeply in the website. Look at the tabs, there are Home, IDs we offer, ID supply, Prices, FAQs, Contacts, Order. Guess it is obviously what you can find in each of the tabs. The website navigation looks comfy and cozy.

The domain club21ids was created in December 2015, it has been working for almost 3 years already. The registrant place is in San Francisco, CA, the USA. It was one of the first companies that started to issue PVC cards. There are acceptable Western Union, Visa/Master credit/debit cards, Paypal system and cryptos (BTC, ETH) as payment methods.

After all, we have visited some private forums to learn more. It turned out that this website club21ids.ph has conflicting assessments and feedback. People said completely different things about the service. Some people had a good experience with it, they ordered there and received a delivery within the promised deadline. Others explained how much they were satisfied with good qualities and a price range. However, most reviews were negative content. Former customers complained a lot about delivery dates and poor quality as well. Long-term delivery in some cases took 2-3 months as several girls said. One boy left a comment where he sarcastically thanked this web service, they delivered a fake ID on the day he turned 21! People were dissatisfied with the poor quality of cards: the blurred letters, fuzzy prints and etc.

So, that’s all that we found out about this website. Now the choice is yours! You should decide if you trust them or not. We ask our readers to leave personal reviews here on our website that our visitors can use your experience in the future. We are glad to be of service to you. Wish you luck, guys!


  1. I’m very upset as I believe I just got scammed, I wish I could add attachments to this post… but I cannot. I sent the asked 0.003245 BTC to the wallet they described and then I never got an email confirmation, so I emailed them the next morning with screenshot proof and they never got back to me, I emailed them the next morning and no one got back to me again so I started loosing hope. If anyone knows a better way to connect club21ids.ph other than

  2. I paid for my order, and they still sent me an email saying that I hadn’t paid for it and therefore it was canceled they have no contact information on their website so I’m not sure how I can even get in touch with someone

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