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Id Hurry TX ID w/ comparison to real TX

Id Hurry TX ID w/ comparison to real TX

Vendor https://id-hurry.com/product/texas-id/
State Texas O21
Price $115- It’s a really high tier ID, it’s worth the price in my opinion. It’s a really well made ID and it hasn’t let me down personally and I hear the same from other people.
Communication Communication with IDH can be a hit or miss, but for me it was pretty good. During a lot of the winter promo he was (understandably) busy with finals and what not. Once he came back he replied to all my emails/PM’s within 24 hours, sometimes within just a few hours. Generally though he can be pretty bad about responding to messages and I find that it’s definitely a weak factor for him.
Shipping/Turnaround IDH is a trustworthy vendor in my opinion and I’ve never gotten the impression that I won’t be getting my ID. I ordered the ID on the 20th of November, I got a confirmation on the 23rd and received the ID on the 3rd of December. Overall that’s a 13 day turnaround, just under 2 weeks. This is awesome, especially considering how busy he is. Oddly enough, I do have an order that I placed on the 19th of November with IDH that has yet to arrive yet. This basically means that his shipping time can be slightly inconsistent, but IDH has assured me that I’ll be receiving that one soon along with one that I ordered during the promo.
Stealth Just about as basic as you can get. Don’t let your parents open.
ID Quality Alright, here we go. I’m instate so I’m going to be comparing it to a real Texas O21. First of all, the ID is nearly perfect and I really mean that. IDH has very few problems to correct with this ID and you won’t be disappointed with the quality, that’s for damn sure. The color matching is really impressive, I honestly can’t tell much of a difference between the real TX’S colors and IDH’s. The only errors I do see, and this shouldn’t cause you many issues, the “Texas” at the top of the ID is a little to dull. The real TX has a much more saturated/vivid color of blue. Otherwise, the rest of the template appears to be on point. The holos/OVI are spot on and the three stars on the front along with the seal by the picture are done quite well. The perfs (the TX state outline that show up when you shine light through) are 1:1 and perfect. The UV is also spot on, it’s only issue is that since the ID is thinner it can glow brighter than a regular one. This can be most noticeable with a lower quality UV light. On a regular ID it will only come out as a very non-bright gray. But, on IDH’s it will still glow green. This isn’t a huge issue because all TX’s are supposed to glow green, but if the bouncer has a shitty blacklight he may be surprised with the bright green glow.
Raised Text I’ve seen a good amount of Texas fakes in my area and they all have a different way of doing raised text. Idhurry’s is one of the better ones that I’ve seen. There are very few issues with bubbling for mine and it’s getting closer and closer to being just like the real TX text. I have seen some inconsistencies with real TXs, some of them seem to be more concave than others and some just seem to be really small. I don’t have enough knowledge on the revisions done to the raised text by the DMV, but it seems like it can be very different depending on which ID you have. Regardless, IDH’s raised text works instate like a charm and you should have no problems with out of state usage.
Photoshop I’ve seen a good amount of people complain about his PS work. It seems to be a hit or miss, and mine seemed to be somewhere in the middle. The coloring was on point so no real issues there. The only “issue” I had with it was the hair seemed to be a little poorly cut out. Part of the girl’s hair that I got the ID for looked really photoshopped at certain places, with could raise suspicions from bouncers depending on where she uses it. Otherwise the picture is alright, not the best part of the ID but it isn’t awful like I’ve seen on other IDs.
Feel Of the ID One thing that could hurt your instate usage is the feel of the ID. It’s Teslin and everything, so the material is fine. The issue is it feels slightly more “papery” when compared to a real TX. A real TX feels way more glossy and feels a bit thicker/sturdier. I feel like if IDH can fix this and work to make if feel just like a real TX, then this would be an unbeatable ID.
Overall Overall, this ID is a great ID. The price may Ibe a bit steep for some people, but honestly it’s worth it. As I’ve already said, I’ve had nothing but success with this ID. Hopefully this review helped ya’ll, let me know if you have any questions!


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