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IdHurry.com New Hampshire Review

IdHurry.com New Hampshire Review

Communication: [10/10]

First time I pm’d him he replied in literally 13 seconds. I was being annoying about bitcoin and my pic, but he handled it professionally.

Cost: [10/10]

35 dollars for a great ID and a dupe? Come on. Really can’t be beat. Fantastic for resellers as well.

Shipping: [10/10]

Got here in exactly one week. Can’t really beat domestic times especially this close to the holidays.

Stealth: [2/10]

Can easily feel id’s inside package. Although wouldn’t exactly call it a package either. Domestic though so no stealth really needed. Keep away from nosy parents. My dad stayed up to open it with me though and woke my sister up bc he was so impressed lol

Template: [9/10]

Comparing to the barbook, only thing I can really tell that’s different, is that the green backdrop behind New Hampshire should be a little darker green. Also the red text on the expiration should be a tad darker red as well. Signature looks a little too high and maybe a bit too thick, but I used the signature pad option on the websites he gives you. NH has a fairly basic template but Idhurry nailed it.

Photoshop: [10/10]

Honestly for doing his own PS work it’s truly incredible. Even the shadows on the flyaway hairs are impeccable. Give yourself a raise, sir.

Scanning: [10/10]

Scans just fine on BCS and Scannr.

Holos/OVI: [10/10]

Super vibrant and placed in the correct position according to barbook.

Window: [10/10]

Looks a little misaligned but I believe IDH did it on purpose as it varies from DMV. Looks great nonetheless.

UV: [10/10]

Don’t have a UV on me, but would assume it passes. NH has very little UV to begin with.

Signature: [9/10]

Looks a little too high and thick, but I think that’s just the website signature pad I used. Shouldn’t raise any suspicion though.

Conclusion: [10/10]

ID is fantastic for out of state use. Pretty sure it would pass in-state as well. Gonna be using this mostly in NYC and don’t really club often, so liquor stores and low end bars for me. Will come back and periodically post updates.

Where to get: https://id-hurry.com/product/new-hampshire-id/

Pictures of NH IDhurry:

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