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Hi everyone! Our team searched the Internet for the place where we could buy a FAKE ID online. We came across one very interesting. Let’s read today’s review about https://id-hurry.com/ that is a web service of producing fake identity documents (cards) for everyone. Are you intrigued? So, go closer.

First of all, you need to understand the purpose of getting a fake id. If you are under 21 or you want to be a driver (to get a fake driver’s license), or just for fun – everything is suitable and acceptable! Remember, that you are not able to use a fake id card in official places for verification, for example you cannot go to a bank for account opening. Pay maximum attention that you shouldn’t give the card into the police hands. Otherwise, you will be fined or even worse punished.

On the other hand, minors can utilize the Fake IDs for making smooth entry inside a nightclub, for becoming eligible for certain tasks, to impress your friends, for buying alcohol wherever and for not being looser anymore. This card will help them break the gates to the real awesome adult life!

Moving to the web service description, we need to see what this company is selling. They offer to order Virtual ID of any state (in case you don’t need a physical copy) and Fake Driver’s license card of various states. You can see the picture of an example of a fake id on the website’s homepage. There is a whole description of each of the cards. Be attentive when you select the state of your fake card, it is better to pick the neighboring place instead of your homeland. Night workers can easily identify the fake one.

The service says they produce only high-quality and reliable fake ID. All their fake products are scanned and respond to UV light. Each card has hologram and the official design, it looks like an authentic real card with security high level. They offer a tracking number and a free duplicate for every ID that they produce. There is no shipping fee except Express form. The promised deadlines are from 5 to 7 days, the international shipping takes twice longer. They say that they produce a fake id for only 72 hours. It sounds like they are real professionals. The special bonus program surprises: 20% discount for 3 or more IDs and 30% off for 15 or more IDs.

There are acceptable only Bitcoin cryptocurrencies because it is a secure, safe, and no fee way to pay. They also warn you that payment methods, such as Western Union and MoneyGram most used by scammers from Pakistan and China. Don’t fall into their trap!

The website looks bright and attracting. When you come in, you see the picture of the party. It makes us feel exciting about becoming a full age soon. You will find a lot of information on the first page. Scroll down to see the benefits of the service, the catalog of available ids, the payment details, and the order form. There is the email address of customer support in case you have any questions. On the website you can read the customer reviews as well and some useful information about utilizing fake id on a public space. We were simply able to navigate around the website. We even didn’t have any question to the support service since we got everything already. However, we went to private forums of real customer feedback to verify all the collected details.

It turned out that this company is quite a newbie, the registration date of the domain was in June 2017. More than a year ago this online store started to help out underage guys. The registrant place is in Burlington, MA, the USA.

Well, we checked some private sites where people leave reviews about different services. That time we looked only through the https://id-hurry.com/ reviews. Many former customers left feedback out there that almost the entire was quite positive! Wow, we were a bit surprised. People left satisfied with the work of this fake-id store online. The IDHurry company turned out to be most popular web platform among others. Minors used this service a lot. One underage guy said that he advised this website to all his friends who needed fake ids, and all of their orders were made well with high-quality standards, high-security levels and fast delivery. One girl thanked this store as well because they delivered her new fake ID within 5 days, she really liked it.

To be honest, we didn’t expect such positive assessments, as people usually say negative things, if they exist. Apparently, the former customers were served very well and stayed satisfied with the work of this online store. We guess the future buyers will be happy either. Have a try with this website if you decide to order your first fake ID. We are waiting for your feedback about this store in the comments, please. Bye!

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  1. I purchased my ID back in 2018 and holy crap! I have had my ID scanned, and gone through the whole works. It’s so real I couldn’t tell the difference from my instate friends. I got an Illinois ID and I was very impressed I will be purchasing again! I never had to worry about being caught with a fake ID.

  2. I dont know what these people are talking about but i got my id from idhurry in about a 2 weeks and it is great quality and have had no trouble with it. As long as you follow their specific ordering instructions you should receive a high quality id in about a 2 weeks.

  3. I got two ids from them and my friends have too never ever had problems using the ids or getting them

  4. Good professional team with great communication to ensure you’re getting exactly what you want. We only had a job laying some gravel to create extra parking but the guy did the job quickly with no fuss and no mess, Looks great all thanks, he made and showed me pictures of DL showing all 4 angles and confirmed quality before I paid.

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