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IdHurry – Maryland And State of North Carolina Review

IdHurry – Maryland And State of North Carolina Review


Shipped out on: September 10th

Arrived: September 21

Destination: Canada

Stealth was great, appreciate the extra gift as well IdHurry

Review: I will be posting the review for Maryland first, and then North Carolina after. At the end I will post the success rate of me using these ids along with pictures. I’ve never posted reviews before so I’m sorry if it’s not that good.



So most of you know that the maryland IDH was selling was similar or is the same as the public temp. I believe IDH has upgraded his maryland and the maryland that I am reviewing is the old one. He should have pictures of his new one updated soon.

Both ids are printed on PVC.

Template: I have already talked about the template above, but I think its quite good even if its not public. I’m excited to see his new maryland and I’ll probably buy that when its released. The id was printed perfectly (wasn’t crooked) and the ghost image looks very good.

Photoshop: The pictures I sent in werent that great but he did the best he could. The picture looks legit and I didn’t have a hard time using these.

Holos: The holos are clear and they look very good. Nothing more I could say.

Signature: Custom signature, looks beautiful and many people where impressed by it.

Scan: Scans perfectly on apps and at the store. Outputs correct information.

North Carolina


Now this id was the one my homies liked the most. Maybe cause the holos where cool and they loved staring at it but I never bothered to ask why.

Template: The template is pretty good compared to the bar book, It’s better then some other ones I seen on this sub (DMV being cut off, etc). It has all the correct stuff and looks pretty fucking sweet.

Holos: Holos are there, cool and shiny.

Signature: Custom Signature, looks great.

Scan: This is where I fucked up. So i forgot the last letter in my name and put a bracket by mistake since its right next to the letter. So when it scans it shows my name then a [ lmao. This is ENTIRELY my fault because I’m a retard. This hasnt been scanned yet, but I can easily pull this off saying its a dmv mistake or some crap.

Success rate: Used Maryland at: 2 LCBO and 1 beer store 1 convenience

Used North Carolina at: 1 LCBO 1 Beer Store

worked at all places, but the north carolina got looked at pretty hard because of the last letter missing, my name is common in my area and the girl was wondering what happened to the last letter in my name. (Please note the name on the id doesnt have a bracket, it only scans with a bracket).



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  1. Good professional team with great communication to ensure you’re getting exactly what you want. We only had a job laying some gravel to create extra parking but the guy did the job quickly with no fuss and no mess, Looks great all thanks, he made and showed me pictures of DL showing all 4 angles and confirmed quality before I paid.

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