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Idhurry MO Review (out of state)

Idhurry MO Review (out of state)

I bought this ID because of all of the great reviews. Wanted to buy one when they first became a vendor, but was a little skeptical since there weren’t any reviews or information about this vendor. Really pissed that I waiting this long to buy it.

I will be using this ID at my college.

Communication: [10/10]

Didn’t really need to communicate with IDH CS. Messaged them a few times before I purchased this ID and the responded fairly quick and also answered all of the questions that I had.

Cost: [10/10]

ID’s were $100 w/out dupe and he dropped the price to $60 about a week ago. I used coupon code and got it for 50% off, so I only paid $30 for this ID. Did not purchase a dupe, but it is a GREAT price for the quality.

Shipping: [10/10]

AMAZING! Ordered towards midnight (central) on 1/2, ID shipped 1/3, and received today 1/7. Fastest turn around time I’ve ever gotten.

Stealth: [10/10]

Honestly, I did not know there was an ID in the package. I laughed when I opened it because I was so confused on what was sent to me. You can’t feel it or see it through the package and would defiantly get past any parent if they just straight up looked at it or handled it. Though, if they opened it, there would be some suspicion , but no reason for them to suspicious just from the outside.

Template: [8/10]

I have seen MO id’s in person in the past, so I can’t find any flaws about this ID right away. I don’t have a side by side view or picture of this id, but I will up date when I get one

If anyone sees something that I don’t see, please comment.

Photoshop: [8/10]

Doesn’t look bad at all. Giving it an 8/10 because there is a small shadow behind me (on the left), but it is not noticeable unless you stare at it. It can easily be seen as a piece of hair.

Scanning: [10/10]

scans on BCS

Holos/OVI: [8/10]

the overlay looks decent enough for me. Again, I am using this out off state and a bunch of college kids are bouncers at my school. Doubt they’d notice any flaws about it. I’m a little spectacle about the word MISSOURI at the between the red print and the word drivers license, but I don’t know what that is supposed to look like, so I can’t say. If I get a better picture of the back I will update.

If anyone sees flaws please comment.


Signature: [9/10]

If you look closely, you can see super tiny breaks in between the ink. This might be my fault from the photo, but it is not noticeable from a bouncers point of view unless they put it up to their face.

Conclusion: [10/10]

Great ID for out of state use. Not sure if you could use it in Missouri unless it is a college town, but it is still a good ID. Really happy that I purchased this ID. This vendor is doing very well with satisfying his customs and that’s really all that matters.


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