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idhurry PA Review!!! [9/10] (Pics w/UV)

idhurry PA Review!!! [9/10] (Pics w/UV)


Hey guys, this is my first review on theidmarket, so sorry if I make some mistakes. I bought this movie prop a couple weeks ago, but I’m just now getting around to doing a review. But from what I can tell, he hasn’t made any changes to his PA since then.

Communication: 10/10 This guy is great with communication, and responds super fast to wickr and emails, and I appreciate that. He’s definitely not a scammer (as I’ve seen some people claim he might be) and he’s pretty active in the community. Here is the direct link: https://id-hurry.com/product/pennsylvania-id/

Shipping Speed: 10/10 I ordered this movie prop Wednesday, February 4th and had it in my mailbox Saturday, February 7th. Yes, you heard that right. I got this movie prop in just 3 days! Now that is some fast ass work. I should also mention he sent me a preview picture of the prop a day after I ordered it, and I didn’t actually pay him until I had seen the preview picture. It was similar to escrow, besides the shipping. This guy is probably the fastest vendor on the web. Plus I got a (free) custom signature with it.

Movie Prop Quality: 8/10 The template is good and appears to be made/printed well. There is holo on the front and although I didn’t take a good picture of it, it looks great, really shiny and follows PA ID rules. Looking at the 2015 Barbook here the ID looks basically the same. I haven’t analyzed the template with a lot of scrutiny yet because I’m out of state and 100% accuracy shouldn’t matter much, but if you want to you can using my pictures and the above link. However, there are a couple problems with other parts of the movie prop.
First of all, the holo overlay is a little too big for the ID and extends past where the ink ends on the ID. You can see that on the last picture in the album, I drew and arrow to where the holo is too large. To bouncers that are looking for problems, this movie prop might appear fake.
Second of all, the UV isn’t that great (in fact it’s pretty bad haha). Looking here the PA ID should have yellow glowing keystone symbols on the front and according to here “PA” should repeat in UV ink on the back. The keystone symbol is visible on the front under UV light, but it doesn’t glow yellow and it can be seen even without a UV light – but it’s more visible under UV light. There is nothing on the back when under UV light as you can tell from the 3rd picture (unless my eyes are fucking up or something). This movie prop would fail a UV test. But who tests for UV these days anyways? Unless you’re showing this movie prop to a cop or a bouncer for a really high class club you should be fine.
Also, there are some small hairs or threads trapped on the back, but they’re small and barely visible.
However, for the price I paid, these problems are reasonable and I’m okay with them.

Usability: 9/10 I’ve used this movie prop twice to buy beer (while acting in a movie, of course) and it worked no problem. No liquor stores yet, but I’ll use it at one soon and update this. Most cashiers check the birthdate and that’s it, so this would be fine at most places. It scans fine on BCS. But like I wrote before, there are some problems that might be detected by a bouncer under scrutiny or under a UV light. This one would not pass in-state because it doesn’t have black/white holds, but IDH now come with black and white holos so they (might) pass in-state.

Overall: 9/10 IDHURRY is the tits guys. He’s super quick and his IDs are legit. The ID isn’t perfect, but his shipping speed sure is. Plus every movie prop has its issues. If you need to film a movie soon and need a movie prop quickly, I would definitely recommend this guy to you.

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