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IDhurry Revamped MD O21 MD comparison

IDhurry Revamped MD O21 MD comparison

This post is not to talk shit about IDhurry at all this is an honest review of what I see and know about IDs. (https://id-hurry.com/product/maryland-id/)


Shipping Time [10/10] Placed the order on December 5th came in today on the 15th fastest I have ever had with IDH. I was expecting his more normal for me 3 weeks. Sadly he told me he would ship reprints that he owes me from august with this order but he did not.

Stealth [9.99/10] the only reason for this is because the last order I got was hidden so well and was such a bitch to even get to the IDs

Customer service [9/10] with this order email were responded to very fast. I have felt with a frustrated ID hurry before and he was very calm and with the few email we exchanged for this order.

ID quality: [7/10] This is definitely not an instate passable ID, But it is still one of the best MDs out there. I work the door at a restaurant on weekends in Maryland and see mostly instate IDs. I do not have a lot of formal training past what I learned from nearing a year on this site. Granted a lot of false info can be spread here. The crab also needs to be fixed and is ghost image need to be more ghostly. The PVC he uses is whiter than the real thing. Also the county code in incorrect and I would have liked to use it in the county.

The Feel: [10/10] really does feel just like the real thing I was rubbing it all day I cant feel any difference.

Holos: [8/10] as people have pointed out before The MVA holos are not the right size this is correct. The holos on idhurry are nearing twice the size of the real thing. This really isn’t and issue at all when looking at IDs. They are glossy but a Real MD is pretty glossy too so no points off for that.

Photo shop: [8.8/10] All Maryland IDs that I have seen (which is a lot) are zoomed to leave about 2 inches of neck showing and about an inch of space over your head/hair. Idhurry’s photo shows my entire neck and parts of my shoulders. The picture editing really is great.

UV [10/10] Really fucking cool like its really perfuckt. Fake its slightly more vibrant and clear than the real thing but not and issue

Microprint [5/10] I actually feel generous giving it a 5. This was the biggest thing he needed to fix to make it instate passable like he claims. This is the downfall of every MD I have ever seen. First thing I noticed. The microprint down the line is just so much darker and stands out. I honestly think you would have a better chance instate if there was no microprint line down the middle then having such blatantly different one. I could see someone actually forgetting the microprint line because its so small on the real thing. I thought if anyone could fix this it would be the god of IDs. When he told me an Instate passable MD this was my number one thought. “shit he did it. He fixed the mirco print line”

Fonts [7/10] Some places need to be a bit but bolder or touched up a bit. The font on the back is almost twice as small as the real thing and a real barcode is bigger

Scanning [10/10] Scans correctly with all apps I have used, at my work we just use veriscan if we need to scan. So I do not have access to any special scanner.

Out of state Use (guess) [6/10] this is low because MD is a often faked state and bouncers know what to look for.

Instate use (guess) [4/10] I actually believe this could be used in state in certain scenarios… The one that comes to mind are a bunch of hot girls getting a table at a chain restaurant ordering drinks together. when asked for their ID they all together throw 8 or 9 IDhurry MDs.

My instate usage. [0/1] I drove about 15 minutes away to a shitty beer store I would never have any reason to go to again. grab a mad dog (trying to get IDed) and I pay without getting carded. second store I go to I get carded trying to buy a jug of cheap wine. he knida freaked out for a second then kept saying “no good no Good” (Indian guy) I don’t think I will get any instate use out of this let alone any bar use like I would have hoped.


Front: Fake top Real bottom


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