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IDhurry Review (Arizona & NC)

Here’s my review on idhurry.com

Speed: 5/5 I ordered 2 IDs from them last Wednesday: one Arizona (https://id-hurry.com/product/arizona-id/) and one North Carolina (https://id-hurry.com/product/north-carolina-id/). I ordered rush for both of them. They came in yesterday (Thursday). I was very impressed with the speed. Much faster than I expected.

Picture quality: 3/5 For id-hurry.com, you just have to take a picture in front of a solid-colored wall and they will photoshop it so that it’s a blue background, size, and closeness. The ID’s are for 2 different people, so they have 2 different pictures. One looks very legitimate, considering the but is slightly dark. A real DMV typically wouldn’t let the picture be that dark, but unless you’re really looking for something to be wrong with it, it’s not noticeable. The second has good lighting, but looks somewhat fake. The blue background has no shadow so it kind of looks photoshopped. Other than that, they did a good job at photoshopping them to look real.

Overall look: 5/5 I ordered Arizona because I wanted a simple ID, so that it would be less likely that there were noticeable flaws. My friend ordered the more complicated North Carolina, and I must say, I wish I would have gone with NC. It looks very real. Don’t get me wrong, they both look real, but the NC one has more elaborate holograms and colors and they pulled it off very well. The holograms look great. Overall, I will give both of them a 5/5.

Overall feel: 3/5 They feel kind of like a school ID. They are a little thicker than real ones, and don’t bend quite as well. Again, unless you are really looking to see if they are fake, then you probably won’t notice this. And it would be really hard to get the same cards used by DMV’s. So I wouldn’t expect to get any better from any other site. But when it comes down to it, they just don’t feel the same. So 3/5.

Scanning: Okay, so NC doesn’t use mag strips. So there is no magnetic strip on the back of that one. But there is a bar code. There is also a bar code on the Arizona one. I scanned both of these with a ID scanner app on my phone and they both displayed the correct information. So I know that the NC one will scan correctly anywhere, because the bar code is all it has. As for the Arizona one, I haven’t been able to test it yet, but I will get back to you guys on that.

Overall I am impressed and glad that I used idhurry. I was a little skeptical, as this is my first time purchasing a fake ID. But it worked out. I would suggest these guys to anyone looking for a good fake. They are legit. Everything that I read on their site seems to be true, from speed to quality. Everything.

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