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Idhurry VA Review

Idhurry VA Review

Communication: [N/A]

I never had to contact idhurry or his CS.

Bought directly from their website: https://id-hurry.com/product/virginia-id/

Cost: [9/10]

I got this ID for $90, which is more than fair for something of this quality. So far I’ve only received this ID, so I’m not positive if it came with a free duplicate or not, but it’s fair even for just a single ID.

Edit: Changed cost to 9/10, as I also received a free duplicate. This is a steal! Duplicate arrived today (10/10).

Shipping: [10/10]

Ordered on 9/24, arrived on 10/6, total shipping time was 12 days. Absolutely fantastic shipping speeds, especially for an international package.

Stealth: [9/10]

Made it past customs and cannot be identified without opening the package. Wouldn’t pass if the package were opened.

Template: [10/10]

Looks really spot-on with the Bar Book. Raised text is present and feels great, the laser engraved text on the side of the photo is perfect. Window portrait also looks flawless, the swirly text is printed slightly onto the window as it should be.

Photoshop: [10/10] 1

Quality looks on par with what I would expect from a DMV. Cut-out was done perfectly and the ear shadows are subtle but realistic.

Scanning: [10/10]

Scanned perfectly on an online PDF417 scanner.

UV: [10/10]

Used a cheap UV light that I found laying around. The UV is crisp and very easily visible under the light.

Signature: [10/10]

Raised on the front and back, looks virtually the same as my real signature on my license.

Conclusion: [10/10]

I would be shocked if this ID were ever taken from me before I turn 21, especially considering I’m using it out-of-state in a neighboring state. Looks extremely realistic and I was unable to find a single flaw compared to the Bar Book. Feels thick and sturdy, like a polycarbonate should. The only way I can imagine this getting taken is by some overzealous bouncer or store clerk that calls it out for not having holograms, despite the fact that Virginia doesn’t use them.

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