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ID-HURRY.COM Washington Review

ID-HURRY.COM Washington Review


Hey all you people! Just wanted to leave a review on IDHURRY’s Washington ID to help out my fellow minors in the game.


Uncertainty Level: Medium-High


Communication: [8/10]

The vendor responded at a fair amount of time usually about one to three days after messaging them. I messaged him a lot about my order, and he always responded with clear answers in a fair amount of time. No problems whatsoever!


Cost: [10/10]

Can’t complain about the price! I paid $90 for two ids so that’s a fucking A+ in my book. Fantastic!!


Shipping: [6/10]

On his website, it says that the average is 10 days for shipping. However, this was not the case for me. It took about two weeks for the ids to arrive. Anyways it wasn’t that big of a deal for me though because I had other ids to use during my wait. And you know they say…patience is a virtue!


Stealth: [5/10]

Not a big deal unless you’re really trying to hide it from somebody.


Template: [9/10]

Cleanest template I’ve ever received. All of the details and information are neatly arranged and the lamination is done tastefully.


Photoshop: [7/10]

The ear shadows are pretty good and aren’t overdone. My coloring was done very well and is close to original I sent, too. Only thing I really don’t like about it is that the picture is too zoomed in on my face.


Holograms/OVI: [9/10]

Washington ids don’t have holograms besides the one that says “Washington” going across the bottom. Bouncers have thought it was fake because there aren’t any holograms. But they’re not used to seeing a Washington id in Chicago!


UV: [10/10]

The holograms came up amazing under a blacklight. Beautifully done!


Scanning: [10/10]

I’ve had it scanned at multiple bars and even Target and have had zero problems. Can’t complain!


Conclusion: [8/10]

So I’m gonna play it conservative on this id and give it a 8/10 overall. It is my best id yet compared to my other one from idhurry. UV is amazing on this Washington id and I have not crossed any problems with it being scanned. I use this out of state of course in Chicago so most people probably don’t know how to spot a fake Washington id. I’ve compared it with a real Washington id, and I would say it could be in-state passable (bold statement I know). I’d say the downsides to the id was shipping time and the photo is a little too zoomed in but not bad. Anyways, that’s a wrap! Ultimately, if you’re looking for an id to do illegal shit with, this is definitely the one for you.


IdHurry WA ID:




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  1. ID_Hurry the best !

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