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IdHurry’s Minnesota Compared to Real Minnesota

IdHurry’s Minnesota Compared to Real Minnesota

This is a side by side comparison of IDH’s Minnesota and a real Minnesota ID.

/ https://id-hurry.com/product/minnesota-id/

Front [6/10]

“MINNESOTA” on the Fake is too tall. I heard the U21 Format has Driver License in Black, so no problem there. The Color matching on the top of the ID is pretty off. The Mountain and the Tree’s on opposite sides of the top are different; lacking detail.

The Seal of Minnesota isn’t bad, the color is a little off, but it’s not a huge deal. The whole front of the Id is off in color. Whatever those things are, (snowflakes or patterns) they are more defined on the real one.

The Font for the Information seems a little too bold on the Fake ID. Height should be “6-1″ not “6-01” Also the Issue Date is lacking a day on the real one.

The Biggest Problem is probably the feel of the ID. The Fake one has a gritty feel, that is somewhat reflective. The fake one has a smooth feeling. I don’t think the feel wore off since he said the fake one felt off. Also of course the loon is missing

Back [6/10]

The Back is very off, the patterns below the mountains are extremely faint compared to the real one. The Boat is also a totally different color

The Class D information is incorrect at the end it should say (M.S. 171.02), not (M.S. 171.02)7158. Also the font is a little too bold

The Mountains are totally off, with the microprint not existing. The state outline is way too faint The sun is a little off color but to too bad.


Overall [7/10]

I’ll give this a 7/10 because although there is no way this is instate passable, nobody is going to know all these flaws unless they either look at the barbook or know what a real Minnesota looks/feels like. I feel like this is 100% out of state passable, but I don’t see this passing anywhere instate due to the feel and the wrong texture on the front.


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