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Today we are talking about fake IDs and  where it is best to buy them online. The Internet is full of fake id makers, but only a few of them are trustworthy. We came across customer reviews that people were tricked into buying Fake ID cards, and we decided to look through most websites that sell fakes. There are a lot of scammers who want to deceive you and take your money. You need to be prepared to distinguish the real one from the fraud.  We don’t want poor students and minors to throw away their money, but have fun at all-night parties! Two days ago while we were looking for the website to buy a fake id card, we came across http://www.idmasters.ws/. So, we decided to learn it from the inside and find out more.

We have reviewed this service to share with everyone. This website welcomes us with several lines of self-description, let’s look through it. They introduce themselves as the best premier provider of Novelty IDs. They do offer a large selection of id cards. All products, that are presented on the website, are National Identity cards of the United States. There are 22 state cards that you can distinguish by the state name. All of them are over the age of 21 that is the main goal for minors to get it. Everyone can get it easily, you need only to sign up and log in then you are available to make an order. Please, note that you shouldn’t order the card of your home place because people, who work in security and sales, know exactly how a local id card looks like. We advise you to pick any other state, maybe the best choice would be a nearby location. Also, we recommend you not to order until you surely know about this web seller that it is not a scam. For that, go to private forums or just read this article to the end, where we have already found out it for you.

This online store offers the top-quality Fake ID cards and Novelty IDs as they say. They promise to provide each customer with the best value at low prices. By the way, the price depends on the number of cards that you order. You can view the price range right in the online product catalog on the website. It’s much profitable to make an order together with your friends or group mates. The more you are, the cheaper the cost. They say that they guarantee some levels of security of their cards. They have the proper security features, such as scannable bar code and hologram. They assure that you can scan and swipe it everywhere without any problems.

When you come to the web of this fake id provider, you see the discreet background of the site. It looks like hackers’ or computer dealers’ website. There are 4 tabs: Home, Products, FAQS and About us.  On the homepage they describe their benefits, their operation and several outstanding details. If you want to see the catalog of id cards, you should go in the Products tab. There is a list of available fake IDs with the pictures of it, a range of prices, and the state names of the cards. You can choose among 22 types, they vary by states. If you have a question – just go in FAQS tab, and you will highly likely sort it out. In other cases, they have customer service where you can find a support. Take an email name (in the About us tab) and write them a letter. They didn’t bother, apparently, about the website design. They don’t have any reviews from customers that look suspicious. Therefore, our team decided to search for feedback on other websites and private forums. So, let’s view what we found out.

This company is legit, it has been working almost 6 years now. The domain was registered in November 2012. The registrant place is in Scottsdale, Arizona, the US. Pay attention that you are not able to use the fake ID in order to apply illegal things, you can use it only for entertainment. Otherwise, you will get in serious trouble with the law. There are available some payment methods like Western Union, Paypal, MoneyGram, and cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Litecoin.

We went on private forums to check the reviews of real people on our own. There were plenty of the comments. Most of them were uncertainty contradictory. Former customers noted positive and negative moments at the same time about http://www.idmasters.ws/.

For example, one man wrote about this website that they offered a good stuff, but the quality of ids was very creepy. Some complaints were about long timing delivery, one girl has been waiting for 3 months. Other buyers liked the low price, but they said the quality was poor as well: blurred letters, bad picture quality, grammatical mistakes.

We can not make a good conclusion about this service, there are different reviews about it. Therefore, we want to ask you to share with us your experience, your recommendations. If you have the same story, or you’d like to tell us your success – you are welcome here! Leave your feedback in the comments below. Advance thanks!

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