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IDTop.is review

IDTop.is review

Lately, I’ve been looking for fake ID sellers. While there are numerous providers on the market, it was still tricky to find companies I could trust. One of the companies that caught my attention was IDTop.is, so I decided to investigate. 

IDTop is hugely popular in closed circles, which is already a promising sign (although, I’ll cover less than satisfactory reviews below). The seller specializes in two types of IDs: real ID cards and fake ID-compliant cards. Both are targeted for circulation in the United States. For some reason, the company suspended the sale of real IDs, and currently, you can buy IDs and driver’s licenses for 40 out of 50 states for $115-$150, depending on the state.

Whenever a certain state adopts a new design, IDTop’s team rushes to recreate every security feature from the original state-issued card. However, it takes a lot of hours and resources to produce a new design. So, new orders may be delayed or have a higher price. You can lower the price by purchasing many IDs: 2-5 IDs – 15% off, 6-10 IDs – 25% off, 11-20 IDs – 30% off, and 20+ IDs – 40% off.

Having covered what the website offers, I’d like to dive deeper into other aspects. Continue reading for a comprehensive review of IDTop.is. 

Design and Layout of IDTop.is

IDTop.is went for a simple design with minimal animations and interactive elements. This choice makes the website faster and easier to load but looks rather dull. The color scheme is neutral, with a contrasting combination of a white background and dark-grey text. There are several photos of custom templates and illustrations that make the otherwise uninteresting layout more visually appealing.

On the homepage, you’ll see a graphic of a bar with two buttons – “Shop” and “Order”. You can click either to make the purchase, but I’ll still explain where each of them leads. 

The “Shop” button takes you to the assortments of fake IDs. Here, you can choose between 40 licenses from different states. Interestingly, some states, like Delaware and Mississippi, cost more; licenses from other states, like Wisconsin and Alabama, are cheaper. You can even find a few discounts, like for Arizona or Colorado. You can sort results on the page by popularity, average rating, latest, low to high, and high to low. 

If you click the “Order” button, you will be redirected to the page with payment options. Choose the one most suitable for you and fill out the form for single or multiple fake IDs. I’ll explain each of the available payment options later. 

Above the graphic and the main two buttons, you’ll see the top navigation bar: 

  • Home – Main page, which briefly explains information from all sections of the website
  • About – Here, you can learn about the kinds of fake ID cards they make and safe shipping techniques
  • Product – This one opens that same page as the Shop” button on the homepage
  • Order – Same as the “Order” button on the homepage
  • Reviews – User testimonials and customer distribution across the country
  • Tips – Photo instructions and a step-by-step on how to order
  • Reseller – A program to distribute counterfeit cards for a fee
  • FAQ – Pre-sales questions answered
  • Blog – An information hub (the articles have been few and far between, with only three posted this year) 
  • Support – Dedicated customer support form
  • TOS – Terms of service, GDPR & Data Privacy Compliance

A Brief History of IDTop.is

IDTop.is is not new to the fake ID scene – it has been around for 7 years. The company is based in Guangdong (alternatively romanized as Canton or Kwangtung), China. 

Even though IDTop is a Chinese-owned business, the website doesn’t use the Chinese top-level domain “.cn”. This means that the company is registered off-shore, which is a common practice in this industry. 

The domain name “.is” is actually the top-level domain for Iceland, derived from the first two letters of Ísland. It’s not as common as “.com”, “.co.uk”, “.info”, or “online”, but it’s still a legit domain alternative. 

Beware of numerous duplicate websites that have the ID TOP name with a different domain, such as idtop.ph, idtop.com, or idtop.to. I haven’t been able to confirm whether any of the duplicates are officially tied to IDTop.is. So, for extra assurance, don’t make purchases from other websites that position themselves as an identical service.

idtop faq

As for the orders from the real site, the location where all orders are processed is unclear. But there is information on the website that customers’ orders are then collected and sent straight to their factory in China. This is where all IDs are printed and laminated. The holograms of the particular ID type are embedded during the lamination process. After that, the counterfeit license is reviewed by an inspector and shipped to the customer via one of the partner courier services, such as USPS, DHL, or FedEx.

Accepted Payment Options

If you go to the “Order” section of the website, you’ll see four payment options: 

  • Amazon gift cards – You can redeem your Amazon gift cards anonymously because they don’t bear names, only serial numbers or codes. The cards are valid for up to 5 years; but after 12 months, the value can depreciate in the form of monthly charges.
  • Visa/Mastercard gift cards – You can also cash in your unused gift cards to make anonymous, cash-like digital payments. They function as prepaid cards and don’t expire (if you’ve held one for more than a year, I’d recommend checking with the issuing bank). 
  • Bitcoin – Cryptocurrencies serve as a financial enabler to a multitude of online activities that can’t be tracked back to you. You won’t need to provide identification documents, pass KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures, or sign any legal documents. 
  • Western Union/MoneyGram (for group orders only) – These are globally trusted and well-established remittance service providers. If you prefer to pay in cash, just go to the nearest agent location. 

I confirmed on private forums that all these payment methods are indeed available. Most users pay in crypto or WU. 

Have your fake information ready before the payment is processed and accepted. You’ll need to provide the fake name (first, middle, last), license address, ID license number, ID class, license issue date, gender, height, weight, hair, eye color, and date of birth. You’ll also need to upload your photo and signature. 

IDTop.is User Reviews

I’ve seen reviews on both sides of the spectrum, which offered conflicting information about the website. I suggest going through individual reviews and highlighting both positive and negative ones. 

One Trustpilot reviewer said, “Colors are pretty realistic, and details look great to the naked eye.”  They also note: the card itself is solid in the hand and not too flimsy, while also bending just like the real thing. 

Another user notes that they had never been questioned at gas stations and liquor stores. “I compared the fake to a friend’s 21 ID, and it matches almost perfectly, no complaints whatsoever.” A few other reviewers mentioned adequate delivery time. While the service didn’t ship faster than the estimated time, they made it within the promised delivery time of 1.5-2 weeks.

Now, let’s talk about the negative reviews. One of the most recent reviews shares, “[I] sent them the payment and haven’t even gotten a confirmation. It’s been over 24 hrs.” They tried messaging the company on Wickr messenger and Instagram with no response. 

But some customers are in a worse situation. One customer is still waiting for their ID, 6 weeks after making the payment. One of the buyers ordered their ID 5 months ago (at the time of writing the review) and still hasn’t received or heard anything. They are sure they’ve been scammed. 

Some negative reviews don’t mention delivery – their complaints refer to the quality of the product. Even though IDTop’s cards pass the bend test, there are problems with ink, micro-prin, and holograms.

Bear in mind that almost all negative reviews mention poor communication. Even if they manage to get a hold of a specialist, their responses are spotty, and the interaction eventually goes silent. 


From what I can tell about IDTop.is after extensive online research is that the website is questionable, at least for now. The company has a medium-low trust rank – meaning, it’s not a definite scam, but it’s also not something users should blindly put their trust into. It’s not on my recommendation list because of numerous user complaints and allegations that they were scammed.

But it’s also important to consider the positive aspects of the website, too. For instance, first-time buyers will appreciate the abundance of information – the product and how it’s made, tips and photo instructions, the FAQ section, and more. Some users have reportedly made successful purchases and can confidently recommend the service. If you have a positive experience with your purchase, you can even join IDTop’s reseller program and earn $30-$35 per ID. 

I’d like to know your opinion. Have you used this website before? Leave your review in the comments and help potential buyers make the right choice!

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