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Hello guys! Today we are going to consider websites where everyone can purchase a fake ID card online. If you are interested in fake documents, it is highly important to read the article to the end and follow our other reviews. We want to help you order a new Identity Card without getting ripped off.

We know the main minors’ problem. They are not available to join nightlife. It is forbidden to buy alcoholic drinks and visit the nightclubs until you are 21. We came across plenty of scams on the Internet that’s why decided to help you avoid it. Now we are going to consider https://magicfakeid.ph/. We should find out if it is trustworthy one or not. We will check their website and the real customer reviews on private forums as well.

Let’s start with a range of fake identity cards that the web service sells. We found 13 different state ids, including cards of Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Washington, Wyoming. Pay attention to the fact that all of them are fake driver’s licenses. There is no a fake national identity card. So, if you make an order on producing fake id, you will get double benefits, such as 21-year age and the passed driving exams! Moreover, the slogan of the Magic Fake ID company presents them like ‘Most trusted and quality fake supplier in USA’.

Note: when you select the state, where your fake card will be from, pick the neighboring one or any other, even if your state is available too. You shouldn’t choose your home one as local workers can identify a fake driver’s license at once! Get ready to answer any question about the chosen state if you don’t want to seem suspicious. Remember that you will pretend to be from there.

Come back to our considering website that produces fake driver’s licenses. They describe themselves as a web resource with huge industry experience. It is the most reliable online place of buying top-quality Fake ID cards and delivering faster than anyone else, as they say. This company declares to be a fill-fledge, 100% legit and reliable agency providing fake documents at reasonable prices. Their security system of scannable cards is equipped with state-specific holograms,UV link, and magnetic stripe. They offer a discount program: the more cards you order at a time, the cheaper price you are given. To make sure, they are telling the truth, we went through some private services to find out more information.

The website looks welcoming and friendly. The green-black landing page has the main details about the working process, such as short introduction, product description, their benefits, advantages, prices, bonus program and the email address of customer support service. If you have any question about their production or whatever, you need to email them. Among the tabs, you see the Order tab where you, apparently, can replace an order. The navigation of the website is simple and quick. As a payment method, they accept only Western Union transfers and Bitcoin cryptocurrency. They seem to be safe and high-confidential means.

This web service Magicfakeid has been around 2 years. The registration date was in May 2016. The official registrant place is in Kirkland, WA, the US.

We checked the customer reviews about https://magicfakeid.ph/ on private forums where people usually say true. We stumbled upon a lot of completely different and contradictory opinions. Several former buyers liked this service and said positive things about customer support, good quality of cards and fast delivery. But most comments were terrible! People complained about the poorest quality, waste of money, the long delivery. They were upset with this provider of fake ids. One guy told us personally, when we texted him, that his friends and he ordered 10 fake ID cards on this web service. The delivery took 2 months, although they promised to make it in 2 weeks. One girl left negative feedback about the quality with attached pictures: all the letters were dancing and blurred, the photo quality was fuzzy; and she didn’t find some security signs like hologram and bar codes. We didn’t expect this website to have quite bad reviews.

Well, we have conducted the mini-investigation that confused us a lot. We thought that this web service was a good one, but now we can’t be sure at all. There are a lot of scams around, we are afraid that it may be another one. Your turn next! Please, leave us a comment below if you try this site. We are waiting for your feedback! Our readers will be very grateful to you. Good luck and take care!


  1. I purchased my ID 3 days ago and magicfakeid received my bitcoin payment. However I was told the next day that they did not receive my payment. Hopefully they see this and can provide proper tracking information because the transaction was approved and the money is gone. Hopefully this is just a miscue

  2. I paid via bitcoin and they said they did not receive my payment but it says confirmed through bitcoin and the address link they sent. Hopefully they see this because they just sent an email out saying they did not receive payment and it was my last chance to pay. Is there any way to contact them?

  3. Don’t waste your time or money!!! Total scam! They take your Bitcoin and provide nothing in return! I placed an order on 05/26/2020 and have emailed them and NO RESPONSE!! I suggest that anyone who has been scammed by this company call your Attorney General and file a report

  4. These mother fuckers took $200 from me a broke college kid and now I can’t buy food because they scammed me. Imma go cry myself to sleep. Thanks a lot.

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