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Today we are going to talk about a website where everyone can order a Fake ID. There is a huge range of websites that offer fake documents. All of them, of course, operate out of the law, but you will be safe if you choose a decent website for making an order out there. Don’t worry, we will help you decide which one to choose. Today we have picked for exploring https://www.myfakeid.biz/. We went through this to make sure of the promises they made. If you go to the Internet to find a place for buying fake id, you need to be so attentive and careful because you can come across fraud like scam websites or cunning sellers. So, follow our reviews and real buyers’ feedback before placing an order somewhere.

Let’s get started! When you visit the website, you see the quite welcoming homepage. There is a list of their advantages as they describe themselves. It says that they use the latest technologies for making cards. Now they are producing brand new ids with UV (ultraviolet) light sensitive patterns. They also promise to use just special HD card printer for making the best quality for everyone. The text on the card is made perfectly clear and crisp. All fake ids have some levels of security with brilliant bar code and hologram signs. If you want to order an ID there, you have to give them your personal information including your first name, last name, date of birth, etc. Don’t tell anyone your real ID number! If a seller asks you for that, it is likely to be a fraud. They say that their designs are made at a high resolution having all the images, logos and a signature. Online shopping, free delivery, full security of the order, customer support services, confidential and personal shipping, short delivery times (within 10 days) – all these moments they promise to provide you.

This website offers a various range of Fake ID cards. There are only European and British ids, such as UK Drivers License, Irish Driving Permit, European Driving Permit, International Driver’s License, Provisional Motorcycle Permit, UK National Identity card, European Student card, International Age card. Moreover, you can order on this store fully created and non-existent documents like Sex Instructor Card and Superhero Card as a joke.

In addition, this website has a bonus program for customers. They offer two special deals: Buy 5 for 3 and Buy 3 for 2. It means that you can ask your friends if they want to join you and make an order together. If they agree, the store will give you a discount. It all depends on the number of people making the order.

So, we wanna tell you how to navigate the site. The web service looks fine. When you come on it, you see the red-white color design with the picture of a Fake ID on the homepage. You can immediately understand what exactly you will order. There is a menu where you need to choose affordable kind of card and find out more about it. If you want to place an order, you need to sign and then confirm your account. After that you can make an order. The F.A.Q. tab can help you in case you have some questions, there are located the most frequently asked ones. If it is not enough, you can email them (find email address at the bottom left of the page). They promise to reply within 24 hours.

The domain of Myfakeid was registered in May 2011, the registrant country is Great Britain. They have been around for 7 years. This is a good sign, and the UK company actually plays fair without any fraud. As for the method of payment, it accepts Bitcoins as well as usual cash. Bitcoin orders are dispatched within 24 hours. There are other crypto currencies acceptable, but you need to email them beforehand.

All the info, that we found on the website, was not enough for us, therefore we decided to check the reviews of real customers on private forums. Apparently, this seller introduces himself pretty well and opening. But we need to know how it really works. So, customers left contradictory reviews about https://www.myfakeid.biz/, some of them were decent but most were quite not good. People complained a lot about long-term delivery, not personal conditions of shipping, and they were disappointed with the low quality of the cards. One girl said that she couldn’t even read her own name on a UK Drivers License. They didn’t give her the money back and didn’t plead guilty, that’s why she was very upset. Some guys thanked this web service, they liked to get new fake ids, but they didn’t comment on the quality or delivery terms.

We are not sure about this website that is worth it to order over there or not, but the choice is yours! You can make your first order and leave the feedback here for our followers. We guess we should help each other! We provided you with all the information that we found out. Be careful and good luck!

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  1. this guy scammed me out of £300, never answered emails. i since ordered from another vendor and i was chatting with him about this guy and he knows him personally and assures me that he does actually make cards and post them out sometimes but the problem is he is a cocaine addict so you will only get a card if he actually needs money for his habit, and to add insult to injury his wife had a well known affair with local DJ in spain and has left him and he has gone off the rails even more,i was even shown a photo of his wifes big gash lolol, so there is less chance of people getting a card from him. i wouldnt even dream of trying to order from this clown again but i will watch this space for other peoples experiences, what i would say is that he is now accepting bank transfers which his bank will certainly not want so if anyone has problems they should report it to their bank and say what he is selling and at least they will get his account frozen, people like him are ruining this whole industry for everyone

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