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New New York Fake Id Review ALREADY21

New New York Fake Id Review ALREADY21

Okay so here’s my review of the Already21 new new york id! Overall i give this id a 8/10! All in all this is a good ID and i am in fact a smurf in it and I have been question about it and literally just said idk man thats my ID thats how i got it. It is honestly only a bluish tint when you have an incandescent lightbulb on it other wise it comes off as a gray scale in other lighting. Think about if you’re using it at bars the lighting outside is usually somewhat dark anyway. In my pictures you can see the flaws that are in the id i have highlighted them for you. I circled the top of my head so you can somewhat see what the bluish tint looks like. The text where it says your name and address is very blue this is kinda a give away about this id. the raised text came out GOLD but i did the sharpie qtip fix and looks perfect. I was able to compare it to a real one and the text is a little bit less raised than the real thing but its not too noticeable. The Ghost window NEEDS to be worked on when looking at a real id you cannot see any creases in the window but on this id its very obvious. On the back of the id the box for your signature is supposed to be textured but it felt the same as the rest of the id. I did the matte spray fix for this and the texture is now identical but be very careful. once you apply the spray DO NOT TOUCH IT LIKE I DID. or it was have paint lines as in my id. The bar code is very blue but yet again unnoticeable in the dark. All in all ive used this id in NY, NJ, RI, and CT. It is 100% perfect if you are using it out of state people are even skeptical when they see it “Oh i didn’t know the NY ids were soo COOL” but in NY (especially NYC) even though i have a 100% success rate it’s not perfect and new york bouncers and liquor stores see ny ids all the time so it becomes a little more risky due to the flaws but if you just play it off as if it is yours you shouldn’t have a problem.

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