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nFL detailed review idgod.to

A brief review of nFL

I was curious about that fake ID store

Let’s see what I have found out

So I should say that I don’t live in Florida and didn’t see the real FL fake IDs. So from time to time I may not be quite accurate. So if someone from FL has something to say and share, it would be great. I took for comparison photos like this https://imgur.com/a/Uw70H) and this (https://www.flhsmv.gov/wp-content/uploa … ations.png).

Look at the pictures of the front and back


Let’s go through some important elements that all fake IDs should have:

Communication – [n/a]

I can not say anything, as I did’t contact g0d’s support service with any question.

Price 10/10

In my opinion, the price is very worthy as there is a lot of work done for fake IDs to make it as much realistic as it can be.

Shipping 8/10

This time I have chosen a priority option, so my delivery was faster than usual one. Anyway, I can not give it 10 points as it was quite long for priority status I guess – about 3 weeks.

Stealth 10/10

Everything was good

Template 8/10

I wanna detail this part.
Good points:

  • Let’s start with fonts, that are actually made well. It is not easy to find any difference if you don’t have the real fake ID nearby
  • Lines are clear and without blurred elements
  • Micro is solid
  • The face is slightly transparent, it looks right and makes it very real
  • How about window – how clear window is possible to get but it gets changed when a light shines through it. Should notice that it is great and I guess you will not face any problems for sure.
  • All other aspects and elements of ids are placed in the right places.

Bad moments:

  • I have noticed that red and orange are supposed to be darker than they are
  • Purple color is also looks a little pale
  • Green shades are needed to be darker I guess
  • Template is supposed to have deeper blue color than it actually has
  • The big “FL” part of the template written in orange lacks a little bit of depth that it looks like the physical had

Extra note:

I guess that there is no “date replaced” line but g0d fake IDs have it. I suppose that all fake IDs should be provided with it, but the sample just was made with a lack of it.


Photoshop 9/10

I noticed that only one edge was cut out wrong, but I can tell it’s an invisible moment. I don’t think anyone but us will notice this inaccuracy. In fact, the photoshop part is made with a high level of professionalism.


Holograms/OVI 10/10

Custom OVI is great, the pattern and colors look quite correct. It is provided with hatched/halftone pattern.

UV 10/10

This time I have got fake card with UV included as last time g0d sent me one without this element that was I didn’t like a lot.

Scanning: 10/10

The fake ID is passable and scannable everywhere, and everything goes with no any difficulties.

Signature: 10/10

I can say that signature part looks perfect with no errors. I know that it is usually quite hard to make sig perfect, as you should not overmake the quality of it. Signature should look like real one but not like autogenerated one.

Conclusion 9/10

To sum up, FL fake ID g0d surprised me with good quality and realistic appearance. This new fake ID comes with top-notch security features that add to my confidence in using it everywhere. It is 100% scannable and looks almost the same as the original ID. I think you won’t be caught or denied to get into the night life or get alcohol anywhere. Also, I want to apologize for such a short version of the review, maybe I missed some details, but I didn’t find any other photos of the sample, so I couldn’t describe more details. I recommend you get this fake ID card for the South and most of the East coast, but don’t use it in Florida.


Link to FL ID: https://idgod.to/states/florida-fake-id/

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