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Review of BogusBraxtor.com

Review of BogusBraxtor.com


I was looking for reputable sellers of fake IDs and found Bogus Braxtor through search results. Of course, with so many websites offering counterfeit driver’s licenses and identification cards, I had to dig deep and check if there was anything suspicious going on. Fake IDs are widely popular, but there are a lot of scams trying to take advantage of people browsing on the grey part of the Internet.

Bogus Braxtor is a producer of custom-made IDs, which imitate US cards, Australian and British driver’s licenses, and Canadian documents, among other things. In these four product categories, there are 72 products; I’ll describe them in more detail in just a minute.

During my research, I’ve come across all kinds of allegations about Bogus Braxtor, as well as a good number of positive feedback. With that conflicting information, I decided to take a look at the website myself and share what I found. 

A Quick Look at the Design Elements 

As you open the homepage, you see the search bar, top menu bar, logo, and a few catchphrases. The overall look of the website is simple, if not overly simplistic. The massive logo occupies prime real estate on the website but doesn’t add any value to it. You’d need to scroll down the page to actually see any useful information like products available, delivery information, or contacts. 

As for the content itself, there are four ID categories:

  • United States – 64 products – An assortment of regular horizontal and vertical IDs from most states
  • United Kindom – 3 products – UK Fake ID, UK Northern Ireland Fake ID, and UK Provisional Fake ID ($100 each)
  • Canada – 2 products – British Columbia Fake ID and Ontario Fake ID ($100 each)
  • Australia – 3 products – Fake ID, Provisional Fake ID, and Learner’s Permit ($100 each)

You can sort items by popularity (Georgia, Texas, Illinois, Missouri, and California IDs are the most popular), latest (New Mexico, Wyoming, and Wisconsin), and price (although, it’s not useful because every single ID has the same price). There is a quick mention of discounts for batch orders. Apparently, you can get up to 50% off, but I haven’t found any confirmation of this or a more detailed explanation. 

The FAQ section has information about payment methods, scanning, backlit tests, shipping time and methods, security features, and more. The Contact section shows customer service email ([email protected]), and the average response time is said to be six hours or less. However, you can’t submit a ticket directly on the website. 

The service ensures that customers will receive their orders within 2-3 weeks – 2 weeks for express handling and 3 weeks for regular delivery with tracking. 

Background Information About the Website

You’ve probably seen numerous fake ID websites with uncommon top-level domain levels. Sometimes, it’s a country; other times, it’s very obscure domains like .click or .ing. Bogus Braxtor’s top-level domain doesn’t raise any red flags – it’s common, credible, and worth a good amount. 

As for other, more meaningful analyses of the website, I’ve found an interesting and lengthy breakdown by Scam Adviser. But first, let’s look at the positive highlights: 

  • Registered for more than one year in advance (before it was used) 
  • This website is old
  • Valid SSL certificate
  • Safe according to DNSFilter.
  • No phishing or malware detected (according to Flashstart)

Negative highlights: 

  • Identity on WHOIS is hidden
  • A low Alexa rank (according to Tranco)
  • reported for spam by iQ Threat Intelligence

It’s impossible to identify the real owner, which instantly lowers the service’s trustability in people’s eyes (including mine). But if it’s any help, the registrator’s address is publicly available – Technology Park Malaysia, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The servers are located in Brazil. Before Bogus Braxtor moved into the fake documents sector, it provided online gambling-related services, such as poker, roulette, blackjack, and lotteries.

According to Tranco, the number of visitors to this website is quite low. From my perspective, it’s not too suspicious – after all, there are numerous competing websites trying to capture the same audience. The same source also reveals that the owner has purchased the domain name up until 2025, which means the service plans to continue its business for a long time.

bogusbraxtor contact

Payment Methods Available

Let’s take a step back and discuss what precedes the payment process. Here are the steps to make the order: 

  1. Go to the category you need (depending on the country you’re from) and find the fake ID you want.
  2. Enter the information for your document.
  3. Upload your image 
  4. Upload your signature, although it is optional. If you don’t send one, the team Bogus Braxtor will create one to match the cardholder’s name.
  5. Click “Add to cart” and checkout with the suggested payment options.

I browsed the website and a few forums and confirmed that there are three payment options available.


The most popular payment method is Bitcoin. The website claims that it’s also the easiest, takes faster than Western Union, and requires no paperwork. The FAQ section has detailed instructions with screenshots, which can be boiled down to the following steps: 

  1. Download the LibertyX app from the App Store. 
  2. Create a new account.
  3. Deposit money through a bank card.
  4. Tap “Buy Bitcoin” in the upper menu bar.
  5. Send the required amount of BTC to Bogus Braxtor’s address (shown at checkout on the website). 

Alternatively, you can use a Bitcoin kiosk if you have one located nearby. 

Gift Cards

The next option is to pay with Target or Walmart gift cards. Don’t confuse them with prepaid cards, which won’t work on the website. 

The process of buying and redeeming gift cards is as straightforward as it can be. You just go to the store or visit the Target/Walmart website, purchase a card, and load a specific amount depending on your fake ID order total. There are also many online gift card sellers that offer “preloaded” gift cards. 

At the checkout, enter your gift card number and complete your order.

Razer Gold Cards

The last option is Razer Gold cards, and here are the vendors that offer them:

  • Dundle
  • Egifter
  • Gyft
  • Giftnix

You can typically pay for a Razer Gold card with your credit card or PayPal, and you’ll receive the code in your email instantly after. Then, you’ll need to enter the card code at the final step of website checkout.

Reviews and Testimonials

As I’ve mentioned above, the feedback is inconsistent. I used Trustpilot as my main source, and here’s what users there are saying about the shop, starting with positives. Of course, there is no way of knowing whether these reviews are legit or not, so take each with a grain of salt. 

One user said that they had a good experience ordering fakes from Bogus Braxtor on Insta. “I can boastfully say they’re the best in the game, best quality with good holograms; also, it was easy dealing with them. Anyone can reach out to buy!” 

Another user ordered a Mexico ID with the intention to show it at grocery stores. At the time of writing the initial review, they haven’t tried it out at bars yet. But there is actually an update to this review saying that the car worked fine at bars, passed the bend test, and had fairly realistic holograms and scans. They admit that the card looks pretty good, but it’s thinner than regular IDs. “Took exactly 3 weeks to arrive, discreet packaging.”

The common thing in other positive reviews is that the delivery was fairly quick, and their IDs look just like the real thing. But some heard some of their IDs weren’t scanning. 

On that note, I should emphasize that the number of “poor” and “bad” reviews surpasses the positive ones. The majority of complaints come from people who didn’t receive anything from Bogus Braxtor. “Ordered their product 2.5 months ago. Never came and absolutely no answer to emails even their email from the website stays quiet.” 

Even people who were referred to the website by someone they know ended up losing their money. At least, they know now to never refer anyone to this website and place their next order through a different service. I’ve also seen a few complaints about the quality of the product. 


So, I haven’t been able to arrive at a definite conclusion – is Bogus Braxtor one of the most notorious fake ID generators on the Internet, or is it a legit website with a few unhappy customers? Well, I can’t recommend it because of all the negative feedback circulating online. 

As always, I’d like to know what you think. It would be incredibly helpful if someone with personal experience with Bogus Braxtor could share how it went. Did you make a purchase and receive the product as promised? Or were you ghosted by support with no chance to recover your money? Let me know down below. 

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