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Review of KingFakeID.com

Review of KingFakeID.com


Today I want to review King Fake ID, a website specializing in the printing of fake IDs. I’m always on the lookout for similar services, especially considering that many of them are either suspicious or plain scams. I was googling fake ID services and noticed the name – King Fake ID – mentioned a few times on forums. I noticed that it’s fairly popular on Reddit and a few other remote corners on the Internet. 

So, King Fake ID is a counterfeit card maker and reseller with a wide range of products available on the website. The service may even have one of the widest selections out of all websites I’ve reviewed so far. Supposedly, they’ve been in the business for over 20 years – since 1996, to be exact – but it’s hard to verify this claim. 

Below I’m going to examine the website, see if it’s good and convenient to use, review available products and payment methods, and share reviews from real customers.

How the Website Is Designed and Laid Out

King Fake ID has a simple WordPress website, without anything exciting going on – in terms of design, branding, and navigation. Personally, I’d prefer a more intricate layout. That said, the website does the job, loads quickly, and presents all the information you’d need to know.  

As you open the homepage, you’re greeted with a giant logo and a catchphrase (which is slightly distracting). On top of the page, you’ll see a small navigation bar: Home – Shop – About Us – FAQ. If you don’t want to scroll or open new tabs, you can easily find everything that you’re looking for by just clicking the “Buy a Fake ID” button. 

The “About Us” section offers more insight into the company, which is rare for this type of business. However, I’d still prefer more facts and detail about the company, its background, and other aspects. I was only able to retrieve that information through domain analysis (more about that below). 

As for the shop itself, it offers 8 card designs in 6 categories. Let’s take a closer look at the categories:

US Fake ID and Driver’s License

This section presents 36 results – namely, 36 types of IDs from different US states. All of them are priced at $150, which is rather unusual. Normally, fake ID sellers have higher prices for certain prices because the security features are harder and more expensive to produce. 

kingfakeid fake id review

Social Security Card

This section has two items: 

  • Certificate of title ($150) – This document establishes ownership of a vehicle, so you’ll need to provide identifying and technical information about that vehicle (license plate, color, make, motive power, etc.).
  • SSN card ($150) – Social Security is a nine-digit number issued to all citizens by the government. Without it, you can’t get a good job or benefit from government assistance. 

Europe Fake ID and Driver’s License

While this category is small, it’s rare for US fake document sellers to have a European section at all. Here is what you’ll find: 

  • Belgium fake ID ($180)
  • France driver’s license ($180)
  • Germany fake ID ($200)
  • Ireland fake ID ($180)
  • Italy fake ID ($180)
  • Romania fake ID ($190)
  • Spain fake ID ($180)
  • UK fake ID ($150)
  • Netherlands fake ID ($180)

Canada Fake ID and Driver’s License

In this section, King Fake ID offers three items: 

  • Alberta fake driver’s license ($150)
  • Canada permanent residentship ($180)
  • Ontario fake driver’s license ($150)

The website advertises that these documents are scannable and will be useful to anyone after a suspension, displacement, and total absence of the resident permit.

Fake Passports

The counterfeit passport section is also hard to come by in the market, but  King Fake ID comes through: 

  • Canada fake passport ($1,100)
  • UK fake passport ($1,100)
  • US fake passport ($1,450)

Passports are understandably expensive because these items are some of the hardest documents to produce. Canada, the UK, and the US are also some of the most powerful passports in the world, providing hassle-free entry to a wide number of countries. 

Fake Bank Notes

Finally, you can order counterfeit money, which comes in three categories:

  • USD banknotes ($1.50-$15)
  • Fake Euro banknotes ($0.75-$30)
  • Fake UK banknotes ($0.75-$30)

You might have noticed that each type comes with a wide price range. That is because the price depends on the nomination – for example, a 10 USD banknote costs $1.50, and a $100 one costs $15.

Domain, Registration, and Other Background Information

As expected, King Fake ID doesn’t share a lot about its history and domain data. But there are resources to find that out, which list the positive and negative aspects of the domain and website’s backend. 

Positive highlights:

  • Return-friendly payment methods
  • Valid SSL certificate is valid (according to Xolphin SSL Check)
  • No phishing or malware detected (according to Flashstart)

Negative highlights:

  • Unidentifiable website owner (no WHOIS information) 
  • Low Alexa trustability rank
  • Lots of spam
  • The website is very young
  • Marked as a threat by DNSFilter

“Old” websites are no guarantee that they’re not operated by scammers. Still, you should be extra cautious with websites that have only been around for several months. As for other important pieces of information, the company is registered in Arizona, specifically – E Highland Ave, Phoenix, AZ. The servers are located in the USA.

You might also find it interesting that website traffic has only been significant in the last two months. In other words, the website has only been active for two months (at the time of writing). In August 2022, the website had 5,500 visitors; in July 2022, the website had 3,800 visitors; and in June 2022, there were only 67 visitors (according to Similar Web). Prior to June, there were no significant spikes in visitors.

Traffic share per country: 

  • Turkey
  • Italy
  • Canada
  • South Africa
  • Sweden

How to Pay at This Store

From different forums and the website, I learned that King Fake ID accepts four anonymous payment methods: 

  • PayPal – You’re probably very familiar with PayPal, the most popular payment processing solution for online stores. So, you should have no issue using the service. Just make sure to make the payment in the “Friends and Family” category. 
  • Bitcoin – You’re more into services that are independent of a central authority, crypto is for you. The website doesn’t have instructions for crypto payments, so expect somewhat of a steep learning curve (when using it for the first time). 
  • Western Union – WU money transfer services are also quite popular. They require a little more effort, but it’s still one of the easiest ways to send your cash to a remote seller or even overseas.
  • Moneygram – The last option allows you to connect a range of payment methods to your account, such as cash, credit, debit card, or bank transfer.

What Real Customers Say

Customer feedback is key, which is why I always include it as part of my research and review. With King Fake ID, it wasn’t that simple. I found conflicting information around the web, saying positive or neutral or extremely negative things about this seller. I’ll quickly cover the first type of reviews because they are in the minority. 

“I know a person who has purchased from the website before, and it arrived and scanned at a club properly. It took slightly more than two weeks to arrive, though, so just because it isn’t there within two weeks doesn’t mean it’s a scam.”

Another reviewer said that King Fake ID was “one of the best vendors in the industry” and they can easily recommend them to their friends. But this is where positive reviews end (I chose to only look at third-party review aggregators). 

Here are a few excerpts I found: “2 weeks later ordering, no more emails”, “no tracking number and no response from support”, “lies all lies”, “do not be fooled or even tempted to order”. There are a couple of negative reviews claiming that they received the product, but it was of subpar quality. 

The company didn’t sit back, and the team wanted to correct the record. They warned about the spelling of the website: “You guys should be careful as to how you spell the (.com) name… We get many emails every week from people who are looking for king-fake-id.com, but this is not us, and we are not even in China.” They clarify that their website should be spelled “kingfakeid.com” with no dashes. “Everyone should please note this difference in the domain names before assuming we are a scam site operator.”

Whether to take the users’ or the company’s side is up to you. 

Final Thoughts

Considering the fact that I wasn’t able to reliably confirm that King Fake ID is a legit website, I can’t recommend it. But I also can’t reliably say that it’s a scam. That is why I’d like to hear your opinion on the matter. 

Have you ordered anything from this website? If so, how did it go? Was the shipping quick, was the quality good enough, or did the product even arrive? Let me know in the comments!

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