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Are you going to the night party on weekends? If the answer is No because you are under 21, we have a way out for you! Today we will talk about fake ID cards that look exactly like the original ones but with the wrong date of birth and the forged number, of course. We have a lot of complaints from our readers that they got ripped off. Minors ordered fake ids online and received the documents with the blurred and fuzzy name on it and poor picture quality that this kind of id was absolutely useless stuff. We decided to find a good web service for you that produces quality fake id cards. We want to help you being free and enjoying your lifestyle instead of spending all the time with textbooks. You mustn’t wait for 21-year age anymore. You can start living life to the fullest right away! Let’s begin with https://topfakeid.com/. We came across this web service when we were looking for the good companies that make Fake IDs.

Let’s explore it together. The website looks bright and colorful. The welcoming picture of big night party makes us be exciting that we are about to get new fake documents. This company has a slogan that says: Get the best scannable fake ID online today! It means we’ve come to the right place. So, let’s see closer what they offer. They are currently producing only 14 states, including Alabama, California, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Missouri, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, and Wisconsin. If you want to see how the card will look, you need to choose the state and click on it. On the next page you will see the clear example of the future ID card but, of course, with your photo and your personal details.

They offer several security features that can protect you from detecting a crime (that your ID is not real). Promised features are 1D and 2D barcodes, OVI ink, UV ink, holograms, micro-perforations, free duplicate, 2-week shipping. They declare that their ID cards allow access to any club or bar, so you can get drunk and have fun with friends. And all IDs are guaranteed to scan and work like they are real ones. Otherwise, they give the promise to get your money back. To make an order, you need to give them your personal information that includes first name, middle name, last name, birthday, address, city, zip code, gender, height in feet, height in inches, weight, eye color, hair color, photo, and signature. These all are necessities for making a fake id card. Moreover, they say that the ordering process is quick, easy and secure; shipping is discreet and fast; Bitcoin payment method is a firm guarantee of privacy protection. They are proud of their specialists who produce premium quality cards. Therefore, their replica ID looks authentic. By the way, prices are quite high compared to other providers, and they do not deny this stating that the cost is a reflection of quality.

The design of the website looks pretty well. The multicolored and motley background attracts attention, and the main picture of nightlife attracts minors as well. On the homepage they describe their advantages in details and tell us: what the benefits we will receive if we make an order there. Honestly, it seems like a nice move as people can immediately understand what awaits them. There are 10 tabs, each of them leads you to consider some points including How to order, Scam Alerts, States, About, Reviews, etc. There are 2 special tabs just about payment methods, such as Western Union and MoneyGram. If you have any questions, you can email them. They have customer support email address that you can find at the bottom of the homepage.

There are 3 methods to pay for the order. The first and preferred one is Bitcoin because it’s safe for both sides. The next one is transferring via Western Union. If you choose this one, you need to fill out a form. The last one is by MoneyGram service, but they ask to use it only whenever are no other options.

We found a lot of information about this service on their website https://topfakeid.com/ that all was good and positive. It is clear that they want to put themselves in a better light and stand out. But we are not so naive that is why we decided to look at other customer reviews on private forums. We were absolutely sure that we could find some negative opinions about them only there. And we actually did. There were a lot of contradictory reviews from different people. Former customers complained a lot about long shipping time, poor quality and high prices. Others were all happy. But nobody said that the company delivered them order within 2 promised weeks. Even satisfied clients were waiting for delivery an average of a month. We didn’t like that people paid an expensive price and had to wait longer, then received the low-quality order.

Guys, we made a conclusion that only you can decide whether this website suits you or not. We provided you with all the information that we caught. If you have a try, please, leave a comment here about your experience later. This will greatly help the same as you guys who want to attend parties without any doubts and worries about their age! Take care. Bye!


  1. Topfakeid are THIEVES
    I placed an order for a fake id and never received it.
    the order was placed over two months ago with no confirmation email or shipping information. They never responded to my emails and never replied back.
    the worst. never recommended

  2. I received a terrible fake ID from topfakeid.com. It is completely unusable! A complete waste of money!

  3. You can go suck a bag of dicks you lying thieves. Scam artists. I sent you several emails and when she chose to not respond to me. I paid you cash in bitcoin per your request and you didn’t even have the courtesy to tell me to go fuck off. Do not use this company. They will steal your money.

  4. I purchased a wa state ID through topfakeid.com website. I paid $144 in bitcoin to the address they supplied me with. I received an email saying they havent received payment and i had 20 hours to make that payment. I tried contacting them through wickr, Instagram, and email and none of those avenues worked. I cant find a working email address for them. Simplying replying to the email they sent me does not work. Order #14475. topfakeid if you see thia review please respond to me [email protected]. I feel like ive probably lost $144. Its not the end of the world so if youre not sending me my shit I need to know so i can get it elsewhere.

  5. Topfakeid is a total scam. they do not respond, they just take money and disappear. For real. A total scam

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