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Fake ID Vendors on the Darknet

Fake ID Vendors on the Darknet

Tom rushed through the hallway with a package in his hands. It looked like a simple parcel full of clothes, but there was actually a fake ID hidden among the garments. Tom’s picture is on it, but it doesn’t list his personal information. With this fake ID in hand, he’ll be able to go out drinking with his pals on the weekend.

One study found that by the third or fourth semester, 85% of college students have used a fake ID. This shows us that obtaining a fake ID is not a major issue. Almost everybody gets and makes use of one.

The hardest aspect is figuring out where to get the card because making the wrong decision could have severe consequences. The dark web functions as a search engine where users can find any type of information.

Vendors on the dark web are those who run underground markets where illegal items and services are sold. To protect their identities and transactions, dark web vendors use encrypted and anonymous darknet markets.

The ‘TOR’ browser, which allows access to the dark web, is freely available to anyone. After installation, it functions similarly to a web browser. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are used for monetary transactions due to their anonymity. 

A fake ID can be obtained via the Dark Web, but one should think carefully before taking that route. Check out our guide below to learn everything before buying a fake ID from the darknet.

Leading Fake ID Vendors on the Darknet

The following are the leading vendors for Fake IDs on the Darknet.


With just over a year under its belt, Abacus is one of the younger darknet marketplaces. On Abacus, there are about 2,800 listings, including a category for fake IDs. As with every market template, Abacus features built-in search and filtering functionality.


As of 2022, Tor2Door is one of the largest darknet markets despite having only been around for a little over a year. It also has the largest number of listings for both physical and digital commodities. Although it has a distinctive look, it is easy to use.

Fake ID vendors on the DarkFox darknet market

For a market that’s only approximately a year and a half old, Tor2Door has amassed a substantial number of product listings (including fake IDs), with the total currently above 10,000.

Things People Should Think About Before Buying from Fake ID Vendors on the Darknet

The process of purchasing on the darknet is more complicated than on regular e-commerce platforms. We’ve listed below several factors to consider when purchasing from fake ID vendors on the darknet.

Motive Behind Purchasing a Fake ID

Avoid purchasing from the dark web if you are a student looking for a fake ID to go out to bars and clubs on occasion. People who purchase phony identification on the dark web typically have more serious intentions than simply “drinking beer or going to the bar.” These people may be attempting to enter the nation illegally or are engaged in potentially lethal criminal activity.

If you are found using a fake ID obtained from the dark web, the implications could change your entire life because they contain “real information” that was stolen from government databases.

Costs Incurred in Buying from Fake ID Vendors on the Darknet

A counterfeit driver’s license can be purchased on the deep web for the following amounts.

  • A scalable ID of decent quality will cost the buyer $100.
  • The price of a top-notch fake ID that cannot be detected is $786.

However, if you decide to purchase on the dark web, you should be aware that there is a chance you will be scammed. There is no way to verify the identity of the buyer or the sale; thus, the seller might theoretically just disappear with your cash. Because most fake ID sellers on the dark web are in Asia, there’s a good chance your ID will be delayed in customs on its way to you.

Risks You Are Ready to Incur 

The dark web is a free-for-all where anyone may post anything they want. While some of the people there may be relatively harmless, others may pose a serious threat.

For instance, the dark web is home to a book club that distributes free PDF novels to its members. Despite being unlawful, this poses no threat to anyone. However, there is a subset of the dark web that is primarily concerned with hiring mercenaries and making illegal drug purchases.

You will never be protected on the Dark Web since nothing is censored. There is danger in staying on any of the sites for any length of time. It only takes one careless click to infect your laptop or desktop computer with malware. For this reason, law enforcement agencies in many countries actively monitor the internet in search of offenders, and getting discovered could result in serious legal repercussions.

In some instances, people have also claimed that the seller used their information improperly when creating fake IDs.

Why Many People Choose Domestic Vendors to Buy Fake ID

You may have heard that the best place to get a fake ID is from a reputable dark web merchant. They’ll tell you to check out buyer reviews on various social media sites to discover a reliable seller to do business with. What they won’t tell you is that you should take such reviews with a bit of caution because of the Dark Web’s anonymity.

Spending money with a vendor you encounter on the dark web is scary because of the high likelihood that your personal information will be exploited or that you will never receive the ID. Do your research and be wary of any deals that seem too good to be true on Black Friday.

Just because you can get a fake ID by ordering it from a domestic source doesn’t mean you can buy one at a local shop. When we say “domestic source,” we’re referring to websites on the World Wide Web where you can purchase this document. 

We now live in a world where fake IDs are widely used. Hence, many sellers aren’t as worried as they once were, and they’ve made their sites accessible via Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Therefore, a quick online search will connect you with a fake ID vendor. Typically, domestic vendors resell IDs that they have obtained on the dark web.

A domestic supplier is your best bet if you’re a college student looking to get a fake ID so you can legally partake in 21+ activities. The ID you receive here will fool bouncers and bartenders’ scanners, but it won’t aid in committing any further illegal acts. Additionally, there is a good likelihood that you would only receive a warning if you were detected with that fake ID.

Tips On How to Purchase a Fake ID Safely on the Darknet

The following are some of the tips that will help make your fake ID buying process on the darknet smoother.

Check Out Online Fake ID Reviews

Since the product you are purchasing is illegal, you have no way of knowing who is on the other end of the line, and you have no recourse if you are given a poor-quality product. You can lessen your exposure to danger by reading online reviews and searching for comments from previous buyers. You can use this information to judge the reliability and competence of the seller.

Be Careful When Providing Information to Fake ID Sellers on the Darknet

A vendor of fake IDs will simply need the following details from you:

  • The location where packages should be sent
  • A photograph of you

Outside of those specifics, though, your ID can be false. Only the information that is printed directly on the card should be required for purchase.

In general, you should be wary of vendors who request personal information like your SSN, date of birth, or even eye color.

Check the Vendor’s Support Service

When purchasing a fake ID online, it’s important to check the vendor’s response time. The best ID companies really value their clients and are happy to respond to any inquiries via email or live chat.

Since they care so much about their reputation, they won’t risk it by selling you a subpar product like a defective card, so you can rest assured that you’ll receive nothing but the best service from this company.

Quality Control

More than half of online fake ID vendors provide subpar identification cards. Lower-quality cards will have a hologram that isn’t as clear, will have poorly aligned text, or will have a low-quality image. Bouncers are trained to spot even the smallest signs of subpar workmanship. So, inquire with the vendor’s prior customers about the quality of the fake ID cards the vendor provided them.

Check Out the Vendor’s Expertise

A reliable provider will be familiar with the latest security measures taken by virtually every state’s ID card program. So, before you buy a fake ID from a vendor, you should put them through a little test.


We hope that our tutorial has given you more information about purchasing a fake ID on the darknet. However, it’s always advisable to use caution and conduct your own research before making any online purchases.

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