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Idhurry KY review

Idhurry KY review

I was looking to get a fake for myself and a friend and we were going to go with A21 but we decided to get fakes right when he went down and we got tired of waiting so we decided to go with Idhurry instead and it was definitely a good choice. there are only 3 small issues with the 4 ids the first being there are a lot of air bubbles on one id and the other three have one or two each and the second being the barcode on one of them is slightly slanted but at a quick glance its not very noticeable, and finally a “t” in one of the signatures isn’t crossed but in the signature i sent in it is. The only real problem is the air bubbles on the one id but im sure itll still be able to pass without trouble. overall i am very happy with idhurry and would order from him again.

Communication: [10/10]

no communication was needed because his service was so good.

Cost: [10/10]

u cant beat $100 an id plus dupes plus free shipping >>> https://id-hurry.com/product/kentucky-id/

Shipping: [10/10]

if i could give shipping a 15 i would. Shipping was free and i received my order 5 days after placing it. That is well under the advertised 2 week turnaround.

Stealth: [8/10]

stealth was funny and as long as someone didnt pay much attention and just passed it on to you they wouldn’t find anything. The stealth used might cause the person snooping to be even more curious than before though and then they might look harder and find it.

Template: [8/10]

I cant say there are any problems at all with the template except for the slightly crooked barcode on the one id. compared to pics of a real id the template is spot on with colors and the microprint is there.

Photoshop: [9/10]

The ear shadows and background are very realistic. The only thing that might be an issue with the picture is the picture is very high quality compared to my dmv issued one. idk if this is even a problem but the dmv one is kinda fuzzy and the one on my fake is super clear. i used an iphone 7 to take the pictures.

Holograms/OVI: [10/10]

The holograms are very realistic with correct placement and they arent too bright or too dim.

UV: [10/10]

reviews of idhurry’s other states say that the uv is there and i dont have a uv light to check so imma give it a 10 and assume its there.

Scanning: [10/10]

scanned on bcs and everything came up okay

Signature: [8/10]

the signature placement and thickness is on point. the only problem is that one set of ids has a “t” that isnt crossed in the signature but the picture i sent in did have the crossed “t”. Idk what happened there but its not a huge problem and i dont think anyone would notice.

Conclusion: [8/10]

its a great id because the template is spot on, the price is unbeatable, and the shipping is super fast.



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