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Are you tired of being loser out of the parties? If is your problem that you are not 21 yet, don’t worry, we will help you! Our team is looking for a good fake ID service where you can order a fake card and stay safe. There are a lot of scams that offer low-quality IDs or want to rob you. Therefore, you should be careful and straightforward when you choose web services to order fake ID cards. Today we want to tell you about this one – http://oldironsidesfakes.ph/. We have fully studied this site, and we are ready to give you some recommendations about it.

The company has a quite weird name – Old ironsides fakes (OIS). Honestly, we couldn’t see any sense of it. The company produces Fake IDs of American and Canadian states. You can choose between ID of Under 21 and Over 21. There are many reasons why people order fake documents. Not all of them need a new id card for being older. When we got in the Products tab to see what they offer, there were no Canada fake IDs at all. Why did they declare it? OIS describes itself as a trusted ID service that is located outside of the United States. It offers the high quality IDs at affordable prices. Their fake IDs come with a free duplicate and tracking number. The professionals provide it with bar codes scannable, normal & visible UV blacklight mark, magnetic stripe, perfect laser perforation, high-quality micro print, ear shadows, and great photoshop for security that’s why all IDs are able to be scanned and passed the blacklight test. As a payment method, they accept Western Union, Paypal, and cryptos like Bitcoin and Litecoin. If a customer has any questions, he can send them email to the support address. About shipping time frames, they  promise to deliver it within a week. That sounds quite great if they really keep these promises. The option of rush shipping is also available.

The design of the website meets us quite restrained style. You will see a sail on the background picture of the homepage. What do they want to tell their customers? Nobody knows. When you visit the first page, you can view the list of the states where your future fake ID can be from. Pick one by clicking on it and move further to an order form. Whenever we advise you not to order a fake ID from your home state, it can be dangerous for you. Security staff and alcohol sellers usually can distinguish the authentic national card from the fake one. They had a long experience with fake documents that they became pro. Choose the neighboring state and make a card from there. But you should be prepared if someone asks you about your state features. Learn some history and political situation of the selected state. There are 2 tabs FAQs and Fake ID Forum where you can find answers the most asked questions, and Reviews tab shows you customer feedback. The navigation of the website is quite easy, everyone can handle. The registration date of the domain is in September 2017, the registrant place is in Scottsdale, Arizona.

We decided to check the customer reviews of http://oldironsidesfakes.com/on private forums to assure that it is not a scam. People usually leave negative feedback somewhere in order to warn others about mistakes. That is why we came to one of them. Well, we were a little shocked with contradictory reviewers that we found over there. Some described this website as a good web service with affordable price and decent quality cards, others told terrible stories about months-long delivery and the poorest quality of cards. Can’t imagine how people have such different opinions about one service but, anyway, they DO. For example, the group of girls made the order with 5 cards a total. When they received the box in 3 weeks, they couldn’t understand which one was for each girl. All the ID cards were with blurred names and pictures. How would they use it later if they even couldn’t get simple information from the first sight? Another boy, who was 16, ordered a card for having the possibility to get in any night party. Could you imagine how much he was wondering, when he got the fake ID with his real age-16! It was absolutely useless waste of money in his case. So, we were unable to conclude anything concrete about this website at the end.

Dear readers, be careful when you decided to get a fake ID. You can come across a fraud easily. To be safe, please, follow our reviews and the comments on our site as they are from the real customers. If you have already had an experience with ordering fake IDs, leave you feedback here in the comment line, please. It will help guys who have the same difficulties as you had! Wish you luck on getting your first fake ID card!


  1. Sent money. No ID, No Response. TOTAL SCAM

  2. Ordered an ID, paid for ID, stated that the order was being processed and now they’re saying that the order hasn’t been paid for. Pretty sure I just got scammed out of $130. Save your money and don’t get scammed like I did with this oldironsidesfakes website. The only way I’d change my rating is if they somehow decide to email me back about the issue or give me a tracking number like promised,, give me a refund, or my card shows up in the mail like promised.

  3. OLDIRONSIDFAKES, WARNING !!! does not deliver. They talk a great story, however, after 30 days NO delivery. The process is very time consuming. After jumping through hoops and getting set up to make their required form of payment using Bitcoin, they have taken my money and NOT delivered. They offer NO tracking, or visable means of contacting them to follow up on the order………… you might as well kiss your money goog-bye.

  4. hello

  5. They even emailed me a shipping number! I ordered 2/24/20. Paid 130 and used Walgreens to give money to Hong Kong address. It just says my ID is somewhere in USA in NY waiting to be processed. It has been almost 4 months now! Do NOT waste your money! Many of these are total scams!

  6. Any way to contact oldironsidesfakes? Sent them a message on pinterest because i cant access any of their other links on insta but i fear they wont see the message, i paid for my id but they said they havent recieved a payment yet and would really like to settle this!! Thank you

  7. SCAM!!
    They sent a mock-up image of what the DL would look like after i sent the first payment.. It was looking promising.. After I sent the second payment and provided my address for shipping, I never heard from them again..

  8. oldironsidesfakes is fake 🙂 I ordered from them and have been trying to contact them but each time the email returns to sender. I’m so disappointed as I trusted this sight and ordered. Hopefully my order shows up as I paid for express shipping but it doesn’t seem like it from the lack of communication. ( the Twitter and Instagram links also DONT work)

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