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Scannable IDHURRY/Virginia Review

Scannable IDHURRY/Virginia Review

Hey y’all, as I said earlier I am doing a review on the id I just received. Here goes nothin

Communication: (na/10) Didn’t need to talk with ’em at all during the process.

Cost: (8/10) Got it during the $90 promo and is a fantastic deal for this and a dupe(not received yet:( )

Shipping: (7/10) Ordered it on 8/08 and received today(8/22) so pretty good. I’ve heard bad things about his shipping times but mine was just fine.

Stealth: (5/10) OK. Could be better.

Template: (8/10) Looks pretty fucking good to me. I am out of state so I am no expert on it but its pretty damn good. The only problem on mine is that the (IN) is too close to the actual number which looks a little fucked up. I also feel like some of the text could be a little bigger.

Photoshop: (9/10) Pretty solid. Did my best to get loose hair out of the way but he did a great job.

Window: (5/10) Looks good expect my image is off center and there is a scratch or small hair inside it. I will try to get a reprint for this but will not be bitching about it.

Scanning: (8/10) Everything is good except two more numbers are added to my zip code. Might try to get a reprint for that as well.

UV: (na/10) Lost my black-lights at a party so can’t help with that.

Conclusion: I am in love with this thing. There are just a few issues that hopefully will not effect the usability of it. Hopefully my dupe will come in soon along with the NNY that was also in my order. Another minor thing is that is hasn’t been “issued” yet so I’ll have to wait to use is.



Raised Text:


How to get: https://id-hurry.com/product/virginia-id/

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