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Instate Review of [IDHURRY] Kentucky

Instate Review of [IDHURRY] Kentucky

Communication: At first he was very quick to respond, as time went on he just quit responding all together [8/10]

Pricing: I payed $99.99 for my one ID and dupe; not a bad price for this ID at all. Here is the link: https://id-hurry.com/product/kentucky-id/


Shipping Speed: Took a total of 35 days from the day I ordered until the day I received. I was told 14 days took well over that. [6/10]

ID Quality: This is where I am very very impressed, the quality is amazing, my buddy has a real one and except for some super minor color match problems this ID is great the template is as 1 to 1 that I’ve really seen. [10/10]

Photoshop: Just your basic okay photo shop that most vendors do, no shadows and change the background. [8/10]

Scanning: It scans on all apps that I tried except has my middle name instead of my last name. [5/10]

Usability: I went on state to test usability!! I went to some high end NKY bar and actually a strip club as well. And the ID worked flawlessly I didn’t have a single bouncer even take a second look or even ask a question about the ID. I was a bit worried about the colors but they didn’t seem to notice. As long as they don’t scan the ID it will work for sure instate. [10/10]

Stealth: Well considering I could tell there was some sort of card in the envelope I wouldn’t say it was very high security but it worked. [6/10]

Overall: this would be a perfect score if the scanning, shipping time and communication would have been better [8/10]

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