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Id-hurry Texas Review

Communication: [6/10]

I placed my order on 7/26 and on 8/7 I emailed idhurry asking about when my order would switch to completed and I never received a response from that email. I also message to wickr asking the same question and received a response within several hours which was fantastic. When my order (#513XX ) switched to completed on 8/11, I emailed agin on 8/12 and received my tracking number the same day. I’m not sure why the two messages have such a high disparity in their response times.

Cost: [8/10]

Usually, IDHurry’s price is $140, but it was (and still is) on sale for $100 for a Texas ID and a duplicate. I feel like this is a very good value for such a great ID. Once I receive reprints, I will change this score to a 10.

Shipping: [7/10]

I ordered on 7/26 and received on 8/17, so shipping took 22 days in total. This was a week over IDH’s 2 week advertised turnaround, but given that the delays were due to template updates, I would say the extra wait was well worth it.

Stealth: [10/10]

I believe the stealth will get past parents and anyone that opens your mail. Very similar to g0d’s stealth (coincedence?)

(Someone let me know if I should the second part)

Template: [9/10]

I can’t speak too much on the template but as far as I can tell it’s practically perfect. However, one of my IDs has raised text and the other did not.

Photoshop: [10/10]

Very subtle ear shadows which I feel are the most realistic.

Holograms/OVI: [10/10]

The OVI looks absolutely perfect compared to the O21 OVI

Scanning: [10/10]

Scans perfect on all the scanning apps for android I’ve used

Signature: [10/10]

My signature looks exactly the same as I sent in, I’m very happy with it

Conclusion: [8/10]

This ID is practically perfect and I would reccomend it to anyone looking for an ID to use at college that won’t get questioned

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